Relationship danger signs

Earlier indicators it’s going to end badl.  

The early stages of any relationship should be the most rewarding and thrilling, but no matter how caught up in the moment you are it’s still possible to spot potential problems up ahead…

A lack of time keeping skills can indicate a fundamental lack of respect. It’s a sign that the other person thinks their time is far more precious than yours and that immediately creates an imbalance of power. So, if your new lover has a tendency to keep you waiting, you need to get to the root cause. The occasional missed bus is forgivable, but a repeat offender flags up other issues linked to their attitude towards the relationship that need resolving.

Poor planning skills
A lackadaisical approach to planning nights out together betrays an underlying apathy towards you. Your date should be excited to plan out fun things for you to enjoy doing together – especially this early on in your relationship. If they can’t be bothered now, it’s unlikely they’re going to improve in a few months – let alone years – down the road.

Low libido and underwhelming sex
It’s usual for libido to increase during the first few months of a relationship. You may not have been together long enough to really know what makes the other person tick between the sheets, but at this stage you should certainly be having plenty of fun getting to know each other intimately. Sadly, sexual chemistry isn’t something that can be engineered, so if you’re not feeling it now, it’s unlikely to manifest itself further down the line no matter how well you both get on outside the bedroom.

Commitment issues
While the first few weeks of a relationship are not the time to sit down and have the ‘Where is this going?’ chat, there are tell tale signs to look out for that reveal a lot about your partner’s attitude to the future. It doesn’t bode well if it’s already a challenge to get them to commit to going to the cinema with you next Wednesday. Similarly, an unwillingness to engage in conversation topics that touch on issues pertaining to what life has in store such as having children or getting married should be viewed with caution.

If your new partner seems overly concerned about who you see and where you go outside of your time with them, it’s a clear cut sign of jealously. It’s natural to want to spend all your time together during that getting-to-know-you stage, but if your new relationship is so all-consuming that you’ve hardly had a chance to see close family and friends, you could be surrendering too much control to your other half. And that’s never been a good foundation for a lasting relationship.