Don’t eat till you’re full up, eat till you’re LOVED UP! Here’s our guide to the foods of lurve….

Strawberries, raspberries and blackberries put you in the mood for love as their seeds contain zinc, which boosts your libido and your mood. Plus they’re a great finger food, and stain your lips into looking rosily kissable. Pack a punnet into your picnics, and don’t forget to feed each other. 

Another wonderful source of Zinc, which is probably how oysters got their reputation as the ultimate food of love. Prawns are a good starter for two in any restaurant and especially served at home, especially if you buy fresh ones and present them fried in garlic butter, with watercress salad (full of Iron, for energy) and wholegrain bread (a good source of Vitamin E, another love-drug that boosts the health of your reproductive system).

Just the taste of it will cause his heart-rate to rise slightly, and chewing on fresh ginger will plump your lips, making them look rosier and more Angelina Jolie-esque. Many lip-plumping glosses use ginger as their active ingredient!

Stimulating to body and mind, chocolate contains phenylethylamine, a chemical that tricks your brain into feeling like you’re in love. Obviously a vital ingredient in every dater’s daily diet. Melted chocolate served at room temperature is especially sensuous, so invest in a fondue set. You can dip everything into the gorgeous gloopy chocolate, including chopped berries (see above), and pineapple.

Research by the Smell & Taste Institute in America has revealed that the smell of cinnamon has a dramatically positive effect on our romantic feelings, so grab that innocent-looking jar off your spice rack and start baking immediately. Cinnamon muffins are an easy weekend breakfast. But if you can’t be bothered baking, remember it’s the smell (not the taste) that has the effect, so add some cinnamon to unscented body lotion and apply it before dates. Or… make Fortune Muffins. Bake some cinnamon muffins and wait for them to cool, then write on a pink piece of paper something you really love about your partner. Fold the paper up and slide it inside the muffin. Make sure it’s visible – the Heimlich manoeuvre isn’t the sexiest of moves. Pack them in your other half’s lunchbox, or serve them at a relaxed weekend brunch.

One or two units of alcohol can raise you and your man’s testosterone levels slightly, making you more passionate and confident – great when dating new partners. So relax with a glass of wine on a date. Research from America found that single men most enjoyed the taste of alcohol in the mouth of girls they kissed (married men preferred peppermint).