Run My Date: Interview with Rosianna

Following the release of London vlogger Rosianna’s video “Emily Runs My Date” where she lets her friend Emily set up her match dating profile, we sat down with Rosianna to find out how she found the experience.

What made you take part in this campaign?

The changing attitudes to online dating – most of my friends and people I know I have met online, starting from MSN messenger chats when I was younger, to meeting my recent roommates through a Harry Potter convention.

But there still seems to be a certain stigma around online dating, which is odd because I know so many couples who have met through dating sites…but this campaign offered me a fun opportunity to talk about it publicly!

Emily set your match profile up for you. Was it different to what you would’ve done?

I think the key difference was that Emily was much quicker to find the positive sides in me than I would’ve been. She also made a note of small details about my likes and character that I would’ve probably not thought was that important, like the fact that I love spending time browsing at markets.

But actually it’s all those little things that build the big picture of who I really am and what I’m looking for in another person.

You’ve tried different online dating sites or apps before – how did you find match?

It was quite different at first to what I had been used to, but quite quickly I learned that it’s actually better to just take your time and connect with the right people.

Dating can easily start feeling like a chore when you’re keeping it too light and trying to find people based on really superficial information about them. was more like a cosy Christmas dinner rather than a quick bite on the go. I like how it helps you connect with like-minded people, and the way it presents other people in a really positive way.

What have you learned from doing this campaign?

I definitely have learned to take it easy, and not freak out when you don’t meet the ideal person straight away. The more effort you put in to your profile and the way you approach other people, the more you get out of it too.

I was also surprised how well my friends actually know me in the end. Having Emily be part of my dating journey was really lovely and I think it brought us closer together as friends, and helped me discover that I’m much more confident than I had thought!

Do you have any advice to other daters?

Yes – take your time, and don’t be afraid that you won’t find someone. In the end you are looking for someone special who will be worth the wait!

Check out the video here!