They say honesty is the best policy. But it seems occasionally, in the world of dating, some do not subscribe to this rule…

A common ‘untruth’ is height. Men, please take note: to tell a 5’11” woman that you are 6 foot and then bring all 5’9” of your good self along on the date, guilty smirk plastered across your face, is NOT COOL. Surely, surely, there are petite girls out there who are dying to meet a decent man whose eyes they can stare into without having to develop a crick in their neck. Just remember chaps – size isn’t everything.

Another is the occasional use of old profile photos. I refer not to photos that were taken a summer or two ago, but photos that hark back to a golden age when the subject was much younger than they are now. I would be mortified if someone were to think, upon meeting me, the person standing in front of them does not remotely resemble the image that they had been excited to meet. It is of paramount importance that your photos have been taken recently and that your image is clear – no shades, hats or dozens of torso/landscape/action shots. A prospective date wants to know what you look like, whether you agree this is fair, or not. Take a look at Match’s profile advice if you’re still unsure what to do.

Recently, I went on a date with someone whose photos I found rather appealing, only to meet him and discover that his photos were from years ago. This is superficial! I hear the cry. But, hang on, let’s be realistic here: online dating is not that dissimilar to meeting someone in a bar. You do tend to gravitate towards people that you find attractive, isn’t that why photos are used in the first place? In the same way that not everyone is going to find me attractive, I do not find everyone I see on dating sites appealing. It would be nice to be able to make that choice before I commit myself to a date – not to be duped into meeting a person whose physical appearance bears no similarity to the photos that I perused.

Short, tall, old, young; guys that are easy on the eye, men that are a little more quirky looking – there is someone for everyone. We are all a mixed bag, an eclectic mix of height, age, colour and looks – celebrate what makes you unique and enjoy it: that is what makes this seeking lark so varied and interesting. And don’t forget, the truth will always come out!

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