Does she want you to stay single?
Have you ever got the feeling that your best mate is undermining your dating efforts? Here are some tell-tale signs she doesn’t want you to find love…

1) She loves getting the updates
Is she a bit a bit over-enthusiastic about your love life and its various twists and turns? Though it seems as if she cares, it could be that she just enjoys the soap opera element of your life – and she doesn’t want that to stop.

2) She gets annoyed when you’re not there for her
Although she’s often too busy to see you, when she does have time to kill, she gets annoyed if you’re not free too. She’s got used to the fact you don’t have a partner to take up your time and she doesn’t want this to change.

3) She acts a bit superior
She’s never short of a smug comment about her happy relationship and her many admirers, past and present. It makes her feel better about herself that she’s in love and you haven’t found anyone yet.

4) She loves ‘single’ nights out on the town
She often seems more up for a night out than you are. She offers to be your wing-woman but you can tell she’s enjoying it more as ‘permission to flirt’ than as a mission to find someone for you.

5) She thinks she knows what’s best for you
She likes the fact that you call her for help and that she can talk you through a problem. She’s worried that, if you find love, you might not need her advice any more.

6) She enjoys setting you up with people
She’s forever suggesting suitable matches for you, all of whom seem more her type than yours. She likes the matchmaking process as it gives her something to do, and she’s threatened by the fact this might end.

7) She doesn’t want to hang out with your new squeeze
She wants to meet the person you’re falling for but, once her curiosity has been satisfied, she’s not keen to organise a follow-up. She’s got used to having you slip into her life and social circle and has no patience to do the same for you.

8) She’s possessive
You’ve noticed that she doesn’t like hearing about your other friends or spending any time with them. She wants you to be devoted to her, and a new partner would certainly get in the way of this too.

9) She’s too protective
She takes offence to some of the things you say about your new plus one, sayingshe knows you’ve been hurt in the past and doesn’t want you to be vulnerable again.

10) She thinks no one’s good enough
She tells you she thinks you’re settling for second best and is always ready to give your new partner a complete character assassination. She tells you she knows what true love is like and would rather see you by yourself than in a bad relationship.