Like certain sub-segments of society (only child, first-born, third-born…apparently I display very typical third child symptoms; charming, manipulative and spoilt. Moi? No way) single people can be generalised. Whilst single people may be stereotyped as needy, picky and difficult to put up with, I think we are braver, more open-minded and freer. I'm not saying those in relationships don't have these characters but personally I think I'm much more badass now than when I was in a relationship. I had been in consecutive long-term relationships throughout my early adult life and I think it made me lazy; I knew I had someone to lean onto, I didn't form opinions as strongly as I do now and when you feel safe in a relationship, you want to stay safe, it's human nature to. But when you're single, you have less obligations to another person. This makes you more independent and open-minded to trying new things or seeing new places. When I was in a relationship, I went on nice holidays with my exes; we'd go on nice walks during the day, we'd have lovely dinners on the evening, lovely lovely lovely. Nice nice nice. Since I've been single my holidays are now more than nice. I've hiked up a snow covered valley in Svalbard when it was -10º, I made my friends fly to a town I'd never heard of in Italy to go to a pink party (seriously everyone and everything dressed in pink.) I travelled to 8 different places in Thailand in 2 weeks. I got indignant when people told me Santorini was best for couples 2 girlfriends and I went and it turned out to be one of the best holidays ever. I ate puffin in Iceland (and hated it) and I partied in Ibiza. Not to mention closer to home in London. My god, my love for London deserves its own post but honestly it is full of awesome and random things to get up to. Circus themed parties in Bloomsbury, sleepovers in the Shard, silent discos in a tent in South Bank (and the Shard…and Millbank Tower…I kind of love them), drinking gin in a freezing cold barge in Dalston, masquerade parties in the Kensington Roof Gardens, Electric and Colour Runs in Wembley are just some of the things I've done within the last year alone. Of all the times to be single, I'm really glad it was in my late 20's / early 30's. You doubt your instincts less, you put up with less and you know yourself better and better each day. Being single doesn't mean being crazy and throwing yourself out of a plane for instance (OK, I did that too), it's just believing that your life and you is pretty great so when that right guy / girl comes along, they believe it just as much as you do.