Summer festivals: the perfect place to find love

Festivals give everyone a chance to let their hair down, get muddy, feel inspired and potentially meet their perfect partner – could this be your summer of love?

What to love

You have the same interests
If you meet someone watching a band at a music festival, chances are, you both like similar music. Hence, without even thinking, the first box on everyone’s dating checklist is deftly ticked off: you have things in common. Sure, there are deeper things to relationships than nodding along to the same drumbeat, but sharing a passion for something – especially something as soulful and heartfelt as music – is definitely a step in the right direction.

You have the same grit
Festivals aren’t easy places to be. Fun, yes. Easy, no. And anyone you meet tramping the endless knee-deep mud miles from campsite to main stage/ burger van/ bar/ toilets is likely to have a bit of grit and determination about them – the kind of grit and determination that comes in pretty handy when you’re embarking on a long-term relationship. Quite simply, if you and your newfound love can go the distance in the middle of what can be essentially a swamp, you’re probably already on pretty solid ground when you get back to, well, solid ground.

You have the same memories
If an advertising company wanted to create an instagram-esque vision of young people falling in love, they would probably choose the hands in the air waving/endless grinning/neon-sunglasses wearing/orange-dusk-in-the-background setting of a girl and boy at a festival. Every aspect of it breathes the kind of heady, rose-tinted perfection that will one day, in years to come, make you look back and say: ‘Remember that time at that festival, when we waved our hands in the air, endlessly grinned, wore neon sunglasses and watched the sun setting in the background? That was the moment I fell in love with you’.

What not to love

You don’t have reality
Camping in the rain wouldn’t qualify for everyone’s definition of a holiday, but it does for some people. You’re away from routine, you’re surrounded by mates, you’re doing nothing but sleep, drink and have fun. That’s mainly a good thing. But in terms of romance, not totally a good thing.
Everyone knows the perils of holiday romances; great when you’re in your holiday bubble, but back in the real world – away from constant fun and japes – that bubble very quickly bursts. Sure, holiday/festival romances can last, but more often than not, they don’t last any longer than the tan/festival wristband.

You don’t have a sense of scale
In normal dating spheres, you spend a few weeks going on dates, then you spend a few months meeting each other’s friends, then you spend a few years deciding to move into a house together. At a festival, you do all this (albeit a tent, not a house) in a long weekend. While fast-forwarding a relationship can just be a good way of not wasting time, it can also be a good way of having ‘too much of a good thing’ and letting something burn out before it’s even started. Much as you might think that a festival is the ‘time of your life’, remember it’s actually only a few days of it.

You don’t have showers
‘The Festival Look’ has become a consistent fashion staple over the last few years, and everyone loves floating about in denim shorts and ironic t-shirts looking like Kate, Alexa and Pixie. On day one. But then comes day two, day three and day four, and the difference between celebrities and their pampered glamping and you and your un-pampered camping starts to show. Unwashed hair, mud-slathered tights, grime-encrusted cowboy hats. The look is fine between you and your mates, but not so fine when you’re trying to impress a potential partner.