Tasty Polish cocktails to make on a date

You have a date arranged and are making one of our 3 easy recipes to cook for your polish date. Whilst food is well known to be the way to someone’s heart, the perfect cocktail can give your date a real sense of occasion to make it special.

We’ve created four amazing cocktails using the Polish bison-grass flavoured vodka, Zubrowka. Zubrowka is a dry, herb-flavoured vodka that has a unique flavour with tones of vanilla, coconut and almond.

There’s the classic Zubrowka and apple juice recipe which is both easy and delicious, but to make your date even more fun, we have created cocktails to match every course of your date night in – it’s guaranteed to give your evening a touch of something special!

Classic: Zubrowka and Apple

Zubrowka and apple juice is the most common way to drink bison-grass vodka, and the combination tastes like sweet apple pie in a glass. To give your cocktail a bit of a twist we recommend swapping the apple juice for cider, which gives you a bit of a fizz and a bit more booze. If you fancy keeping your alcohol levels to a minimum then stick with cloudy apple juice.

45ml Zubrowka
120ml cider or cloudy apple juice

Add Zubrokwa and cider/apple juice to a tall glass with ice.

Welcome drink for your date: Zubrokwa Fizz

Prosecco at the start of your evening will give your date a feeling of celebration. Prosecco is a light and refreshing sparkling wine from Italy. The dryness of the sparkling wine is great for whetting your appetite so you’ll be ready to tuck into your delicious starter afterwards.

20ml Zubrowka
80ml dry Prosecco

Add vodka to a champagne flute and top up with Prosecco.

Best to accompany your main meal: Elder Bison

This cocktail is extremely easy to make and can save a lot of time for when you’re rushing around trying to get your main course on the table. The soda water and elderflower cordial ensure that the cocktail is light and not overly alcoholic which makes it an enjoyable accompaniment to any main course.

45ml Zubrowka
20ml Elderflower Cordial
100ml Soda water

Fill a high-ball glass with ice, combine all the ingredients and stir. Garnish with a blade of bison grass for extra brownie points.

A Cocktail to accompany your final course: Tipsy Tea

Sitting down with a cup of tea might seem like a tame way to end your date, but this tea based cocktail is a lovely way to end the night. The honey gives it a sweetness which will match with your dessert, making it the perfect cocktail to end your night.

120ml Green Tea
30ml Zubrowka
Dollop of honey

Combine the green tea with Zubrowka and stir in a dollop of honey.