Ten reasons to love Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is upon us once again. Here are some of the reasons to love it….

1. Time out
We all lead busy lives, and it’s easy for deadlines and chores to overtake the fun stuff. Etching in a day for ‘romance’ means for once, everything else can wait. Love over laundry please.

2. The present day
There’s Christmas, your birthday, then… Oh. That’s the year’s presents done. Or it would be, if Valentine’s Day wasn’t neatly upping your annual gift quota by 33%.

3. A great date
January’s bleak, but has the New Year novelty factor. February, on the other hand is cold, grey, and a month too far from spring. Luckily, Valentine’s Day is there, the shining beacon of misery-distraction.

4. A level playing field
On no other day are the rules of flirting more defined. Smile at that crush on the bus, have that chat in the gym – everyone you see is probably single too, otherwise they’d be on a date.

5. Red-dy to go
It doesn’t suit everyone’s skin tone, but there’s no denying red is cheerful. Walking around seeing every shop window, greeting card stand and supermarket decked in heart-style décor can’t help but brighten your mood.

6. Deal with it
Two for one chocolate and half-price champagne? Oh, go on then… It doesn’t matter if you’re buying for a partner or for yourself, the plethora of Valentine’s Day deals benefit everyone.

7. A valuable lesson
Traditionally, February 14 falls in half-term week. OK, this no longer impacts you directly, but the giddy holiday feeling sticks. Like when the boss is away and it feels like the teacher’s out of class – a good lesson learnt is learnt forever.

8. Hold the front page
Reading the news is essential, but depressing. In a world of war and economic crisis, is there anything wrong with turning the page to an uplifting feature on ‘Why I love my partner’. No, we thought not.

9. Retro romance
Valentine comes from the Latin ‘valor’, meaning worthy, which sums everything up. The one day of the year where we put selfishness aside and go the extra mile for the person we love – (very) old-fashioned chivalry never dies.

10. Write on
In the Facebook and Twitter age, it’s rare to receive a solid hand-written card not a #thinkingofyou. Thankfully, even the most unromantic – and tech savvy – know a cyber Valentine’s Day card does not win many brownie points.