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The 3 dating photo mistakes that are losing you dates right now

Laura, 2 May 2019
The 3 dating photo mistakes that are losing you dates right now

Your dating photos count for more than 90% of people’s decision-making process when people are weighing up whether to date you or not. On top of that your photos aren’t just about showcasing what you look like, they also give people lots of visual clues about who you are and what kind of lifestyle you lead. With that in mind, getting your photos right is critical so that you can ensure you’re sending out the right messages about who you are. Your aim is to showcase not only you looking at your best but also showcase the attractive lifestyle you lead. As the founder of the UK’s coolest dating photography business, here are my top dating photo mistakes that could be costing you dates.

The poor quality photos

Those blurry, badly lit, pixilated photos that so many people use on their dating profiles don’t show you at your best for a start but also they suggest you don’t really care enough about dating to make the effort to use some decent photos. If you’re seriously looking for love online, it makes sense to show the people that you want to attract that you are committed enough to make the effort and use some good quality photos. Good quality photos show people that you value finding a relationship and that it’s important to you.

The party animal photos

It’s tempting to just use those photos you’ve got on your smart phone from all those nights out you’ve been on recently, it makes you look popular and sociable right? Well, yes but there are a couple of downsides. More often than not, these photos are of poor quality (see above) and/or taken with a flash by someone who isn’t an expert with a flash. These type of flash photographs create an unflattering light on the face and often give you red-eye which is a big no-no for dating photos. People look to the eyes first when they look at a dating photo to see if you’re trustworthy, so if you have red eye people, many people are going to skip over your photo for that reason alone. Finally, having more than one person in the photo is off-putting to people looking at it. They have to scan the photo to work out which one you are and might get distracted by your gorgeous mate!

The messy background

Remember your dating photos are like a snapshot of your life and lifestyle so you need to look at the photos you’re using and see what kind of clues the photos are giving about your life. Is there a big pile of dirty washing behind you on the bed? Are you outside a pub that you normally wouldn’t be seen dead in? The online daters out there will certainly be noticing so make sure your dating photos are working for you, not against you. If you’d like to take your dating photos to the next level, I run Saturday Night’s Alright, an internationally acclaimed dating photography business. We are the UK’s coolest (and only dedicated) photography business offering a unique portrait photography service providing single people with a set of gorgeous, good quality photos capturing them looking happy, relaxed and attractive which can be used to create a stand-out dating profile. We work with hundreds of single people from all over the UK, with many of our clients saying they are camera-shy and so we are experts at encouraging people to relax into the shoot. Nine times out of ten our clients say they really enjoyed working with us. Photo shoots are outdoors in parks, by canals, or quiet streets rather than inside photographic studios to avoid formal, posed shots. We aim for natural, happy photos that are full of colour and life. Our ethos? You don’t look like you’ve had to go to a professional studio to get your photos, rather a friend of yours happens to be an awesome photographer and has captured you having fun out and about.

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