The 4 Dating Lessons We Learned From Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey is soon to be back on our screens and with it comes the opportunity to indulge in a bygone era of gorgeous gowns and dapper chaps. But, while old fashioned ‘courting’ may be a thing of the past, there’s still a trick or two we can learn about dating from the dramas of the Counts and Countesses of Grantham.

1. Date someone who’s right for you

Take heed from Lady Sybil; she could have dated any of Downton’s eligible men, but instead, she followed her instincts and fell in love with the Irish Chauffeur, Tom, a man who’s comfortable in his own skin and honest about who he truly is.
Sometimes it might be a little tempting to date someone for all the wrong reasons, for example who your friends like or family deem suitable for you, but it’s important to keep in mind all the things that make you happy.

2. Flirt with your eyes

Before the days of online dating, texting and skyping, flirty banter wasn’t the way to woo your love interest – instead, it was all about lingering looks across the room and flirty eyelash fluttering.
Next time you sit down for an hour of Downton, watch out for the glances between the characters and put those long looks into practice on your dates; you can tell a lot about a person from their eye contact!

3. Don’t play games

Many of us have been taught to “play hard to get” when it comes to dating, but that didn’t work out so well for Edith, did it?!
Dating game-plans are usually easy to spot, so if you’re flirting with another person to make the true object of your affection jealous, be warned – they might just move on to someone new in the meantime.

4. Don’t give up

It’s a cliché, but it’s true. Just look at the trials and tribulations the Downton characters have faced over the series; prison, injuries, bitter exes and interfering family. Their triumphs in the face of troubles show that a relationship can survive anything, so long as you keep the spark alive. This can be applied to dating; don’t let one bad experience cloud your perception of dating. Taking your time to find someone special will be worth it…plus you’ll have someone to snuggle up with for the next series of Downton Abbey!