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The App Challenge – Can you find and arrange a date using your smartphone ONLY?

Laura, 2 July 2019
The App Challenge - Can you find and arrange a date using your smartphone ONLY?

Can you find and arrange a date using ONLY your smartphone and the apps available? We’re challenging you to the App Challenge: find a match, plan your date, get to the venue and leave on a high using nothing but your mobile phone. Read on to find out how it can be done, including some top tips from our relationship expert, Kate Taylor.

Step one: Finding a date App: Have you downloaded it yet? The app has some great features such as bigger photos in a smart and sleek design, shuffle and search functions where you can effortlessly swipe to connect with people you like and you can instantly communicate via emails on the app!

Kate’s Tip: Connect with people you feel have a friendly face. Don’t judge TOO harshly on looks and look for signs of their personality – are they with friends? Or alone in a bathroom stall showing their abs? (We’d be wary of the latter.) If you like someone’s look, click through the rest of their photos to get a better feel of their personality.

Put Your Best Face Forward: Setting up your profile couldn’t be easier with our handy Facebook import feature that lets you upload pics straight from your Facebook albums to your profile. Begin by giving your profile some extra pizzazz with a picture that shows you at your happiest.

Kate’s Tip: Try to look for a daylight photo (like a holiday snap) as our recent research has shown that people in “summery” photos are unanimously regarded as more attractive, healthy and dateable than the same people in wintery pics.

Swapping Digits: Once you’ve got a rapport going with someone you like the look and sound of, you might want to get their digits for some flirtatious texting. Remember to trust your judgement on this; there’s no harm in exercising a little caution so get to know the other person through emails before moving onto this step. For more advice read our online dating safety tips.



Step two: Texting before the date

WhatsApp: Communicate using WhatsApp where it’s extremely easy to share words, videos, images and locations. There’s even an option to retrieve your conversations even if you accidentally delete any important information from your date and what’s more, it won’t take a chunk out of your phone’s data plan!

Turn on Delivery Reports: Worried that your text hasn’t been sent successfully? Thinking of sending the same text twice just to make sure? Don’t! (If you’re not sure why, read our top ten texting rules article). Look out for the ‘Delivered’ status or if your phone has the SMS delivery report feature, turn it on for peace of mind.

Kate’s Tip: Do use humour in your text messages – our Lovegeist reports show that daters regard a GSOH (Good Sense of Humour) as vital in their other half. If you’re stuck for words, quote a comedian or a funny line from a film, book or TV show they’ve mentioned liking.

Step three: Organising a date

Design My Night App: You don’t need a laptop to research bars, pubs, clubs and events! – Get the DesignMyNight app instead where you can find the coolest venues anywhere in London, Manchester, Glasgow and Birmingham. The app also allows you to book tickets or a table online. If you’re dining out, remember our dinner dos and don’ts.

Kate’s Tip: Don’t necessarily pick an expensive restaurant. Instead, show how thoughtful you are by suggesting a venue your date might like – read their profile text for clues to their favourite places.

Time Out App: Organise what you’ll be doing on your date using this great app. It gives you ideas right at your fingertips including current comedy gigs, music concerts or cultural exhibitions, within your city.

Step four: Before the date

Travel Info apps: Which one you need depends on where you’re going and how you’re getting there. If you’re using public transport, TFL’s mobile site is great for Londoners and we recommend the Manchester Metrolink app for Manchester. If you’re travelling by car, the RAC app is handy for route planning and traffic news. You can view incidents, delays and roadworks for the whole of the UK.

AccuWeather app: First impressions count and you don’t want to be the date who turns up cold and cranky after walking through a torrential downpour without a brolly. AccuWeather gives you a 15-day forecast along with temperature graphs. Swipe through hourly and daily forecasts for a comprehensive weather guide. Breaking News app: There’s more than 1,000 stories summarised into 300 character stories. Now you can get news in a fast and digestible form. You can even decide which topics you want to read about. By the time you reach your date, you’ll be armed with talking points.

Kate’s Tip: When discussing news, don’t be too heavy on information. Keep it light-hearted and banter-y. Remember, your goal for first-date conversations is just to have FUN!


Step five: After the date

Uber app: The date’s almost over but there’s still so much your phone can do including getting you and your date home safely! Get the Uber app for a taxi to come to your exact location and track its journey in real-time. This clever app is also handy for when your date’s had a bit too much to drink – making sure they get home is ok creates a lasting impression.

Morning Text: If you had a great night don’t be afraid to let your date know the next day. This is one of the times where we don’t suggest you follow the three-day rule. Our Lovegeist reports show that UK daters only wait 1.2 days to get in touch after a successful date, with almost 60% sending a text the same day.

Kate’s Tip: If you don’t want to see then again, it’s best to let them know straight away. A polite, warm text that thanks them for a lovely date but states you didn’t think ‘the chemistry’ was there is fine. Don’t feel obliged to explain more.

Hurrah! You’re Having a Second Date: Now that you’ve got all the apps and tips you need, planning your second date will be even easier.

Have you tried the App Challenge? Let us know in the comments below.


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