The Essential Guide to Dating a Football Fan (Merseyside edition)

Found the ideal date and just discovered they’re a die-hard football fan? A likely scenario in the fine city of Liverpool with not one, but two top flight teams. Make sure you stay on the winning side and take a look at our survival guide to dating a football fan.

Home is where the heart is

Everton F.C – Goodison Park

When it comes to football rivalries, you can’t get much closer than these two; Goodison Park and Anfield are separated by a mere mile. Everton fans refer to the ground as ‘The Grand Old Lady’, and it was ground breaking in its construction as the first major football stadium built in England. Fact!

Liverpool F.C – Anfield

Step across Stanley Park and you have Anfield, home of Liverpool F.C, famous for its ‘Kop’ stand. Anfield was originally the home of Everton F.C but a rent dispute forced them out and Liverpool F.C moved in. Told you this rivalry was a close one.

Talk of the Terrace

Football fans can be sensitive creatures, so avoid an own goal with our dos and don’ts

Everton F.C.

Do Mention – Finishing above Liverpool last season
Whilst it might not be winning the league, it’s always a pleasure to see the final standings and see your team sitting pretty above your rivals.

Don’t mention – Every game at Anfield

Everton don’t seem to have the best of luck at their arch rival’s home ground. They’ve failed to win there since 1999, so probably one to avoid in conversation.

Liverpool F.C.

Do mention – Istanbul 2005

Often referred to as ‘The Miracle of Istanbul’, Liverpool were 3-0 down at half time in the Champions League Final, but scored 3 goals in the second half, eventually wining on penalties. One of the most memorable European matches in history – mentioning it is a sure way to get in your date’s good books.

Don’t mention – King Kenny’s return

Liverpool have suffered some of their darkest days in the last few years, which even the mighty return of legendary player and manager Kenny Daglish couldn’t steer clear. Probably best to avoid discussing the King’s return, and eventual dethroning.

Going for Glory

You’ve got the facts, you’re saying the right things, now you want to really seal victory with a gift that your football fan date is sure to love. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Tickets to a home game – A sure fire way to impress. Getting tickets to a home game gives you a great opportunity to spend the day together and enjoy the highs and lows of the game. This is what it’s all about!

Stadium tour – A great gift for any football fan is the chance to walk out onto the pitch of their team’s home ground, visit the trophy room and sit in the manager’s chair, a sure winner.

Latest football shirt – Even if they can’t get to the game, any football fan loves being able to wear their team colours with pride.