So Matt, how did the date go? Did you enjoy it?

“Yeah! Admittedly it was strange having a camera on us, with directors and make-up artists running in and out, but it was really nice to be honest. I think by half an hour in I’d forgotten that I was mic’d up and that I was being filmed. Yeah, it was a very enjoyable night!”

What was it like being filmed on your date?

“It was much more enjoyable than I’d thought it would be. Obviously if one of us popped up to go to the toilet or whatever then it was a very convenient time for the film crew to run in and check sound and things, but no, no it didn’t feel too intrusive.”

Where was the date filmed?

“A kind of a gastro pub place called William the Fourth. Quite an old building, it’s got a nice wine list and menu and stuff like that – the food was good. It’s a nice place, somewhere I’d go again.”

How did you feel when you first saw Donna?

“Well actually, it’s a funny story. When Donna first arrived, she came through the wrong doors so the Director came bursting through and managed to rugby tackle her just before she was about to tap me on the shoulder to introduce herself. So how I felt when I first saw her was a little bit confused, like “What’s going on?!” It certainly broke the ice!