The good, bad and ugly of online profile names

 Real-life stories of the profile names that wooed and the profile names that worried…
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The good ones

The honest one
‘I was new to online dating and was a bit nervous about who I’d find. I had premonitions of everyone on there being really confident, emailing everyone and showing off their amazing posed pictures. But one of the first people to email me had a profile name Nervous2, and his pictures were all of him with friends, not pouting and ‘being crazy’ for the camera. I instantly knew we had the same approach to dating- and probably to general life – so I messaged him back. We went on a few dates and things didn’t work out romantically, but his sweet profile was just what I needed to get me into the online dating game.’
Hanna, 32

The hobby-loving one
‘I’m big on sport, so imagine my joy when I was sifting through profiles in my area and stumbled across BattyaboutCricket. As well as loving all things active, I also love a pun (who doesn’t, deep down?) so I was instantly intrigued. That intrigue kept growing as we started chatting, comparing our various gems of sporting trivia, and luckily, it kept growing even more when we finally met up face to face – two years on, BattyaboutCricket and I are still dating.’
Lisa, 26

The direct one
‘I’m a straight-forward guy, and I like straight-forward people. When I first joined an online dating site, I found a lot of girls’ profile names a bit too cryptic – if you’re over-complicating things with a simple profile name, how complicated are you going to be to date..? Eventually though, someone called Amysayshi messaged me. It was such a simple, down-to-earth name, I didn’t hesitate to reply. Thankfully, when we went on our first date, her personality mirrored that, and four years on, Amy and I are married!’
Danny, 35

The bad ones

The arrogant one
‘A man in touch with his emotions is modern, liberated and great. A man who decides to call his online profile MrGoodManners is not. I couldn’t believe it when I got a message from him. Instead of making me think ‘Ah, how sweet’, all I thought was ‘I’ll be the judge of that, not you!’. What made his name even more annoying is that his message just talked about him and didn’t ask me one question. Erm, not ‘good manners’ where I (or most people!) come from…’
Paula, 29

The sleazy one
‘There’s a fine line between being flirty and being sleazy – and it’s a line that AGentleLover definitely crossed. How anyone could ever think that was an endearing profile name is baffling enough – but with an accompanying message simply saying ‘is ready for you’… Well, let’s just say the only thing I was ready for was very promptly blacklisting his profile.’
Lara, 24

The presumptuous one
‘A really pretty girl sent me a friendly and funny email, and I had a quick second of thinking; ‘Ooh, maybe I’ve found the right person for me.’ But then I double-checked her profile name; MrsRight. I tried to stay calm and focus on the good points like her wit and nice smile. But the alarm bells wouldn’t stop ringing. Mrs? Mrs Right? Before we’ve even said hello? Help! Slow Down!! Rightly or wrongly, I didn’t email back…
Lee, 30

And the downright ridiculous one
‘You might not think I need to give any explanation of why a message from StrongnLean had me both cringing and crying my eyes out with laughter. But I’ll give it anyway, because (you’ll be pleased to know) there’s something even more ridiculous to this tale than just the name; the fact that the supporting profile picture was, well, let’s just say it was anything but StrongnLean. I’m not saying it’s all about looks, but if you’re going to make the claim, you should probably back it up!
Amie, 22
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