The January Rush For Love

It could be Christmas, the New Year or the fact that Valentine’s Day is a month or so away. Whatever it is floating in the air, the period between Jan and Dec always sees the record breaking number of registrations to dating sites. For us, the first weekend of the New Year is generally our biggest time for singles to join. This January (2016), we expect sign ups to rise by at least 75%. So all you lucky singles will have plenty of ideal dates to choose from. With this burst of new joiners, we conducted some research into what singles have been looking for and found that the dating scene is changing.

Even with the greater choice of singles, you have to make sure you bring your A game as 62% of single females say they would up and leave a date that wasn’t floating their boat (compared to 45% of men). Two thirds (67%) also say they have less patience when it comes to dating and won’t bother wasting their time on someone who doesn’t have that certain spark. It also seems the world of dating is leaving behind the days of scandalous relationships. Singles have turned their backs onsearching for a ‘fling’ to finding more ‘serious’ dates. 71% of women are now looking for meaningful dates instead of casual hook-ups.

Our research also indicates that time consuming dates are now a no-no. It would be nice to spend hours gazing into each other’s eyes but not until we’ve found the one. The optimum period for a first date for single females is a mere 94 minutes.

But, there is one thing that hasn’t changed: there’s no question of waiting for the man to pick up the tab with over 50% of women expecting men to pay. Although, 59% said they expect to split the bill at the end of a date – manners cost nothing!

Online dating is a fun and exciting way to meet new people and what better way to dive in than with thousands of other people. So if you’re curious to try something new in 2016 or have a resolution to get back on the dating scene, why not join us today to meet other likeminded singles. You never know, 2016 might bring you the start of something special…

Source: January 2nd is the busiest weekend for online dating