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Signing up to an online dating site when you’re hoping for something serious can take a leap of faith. To help you pluck up the courage we thought we’d share with you a few of our favourite success stories from 2017, giving you faith that that serious relationship you’re waiting for could be just around the corner.

1. The long-term single, turned smitten in love newly-wed
I met my partner on Match.com in November 2014, and last month we got married!! Just wanted to say thanks, and to tell others to keep looking! After 7 years of being single, I never thought I’d meet anyone, let alone get married, but luckily I have been proven wrong!! Date July 6 2017

2. This couple’s love story is pulling at the hearts of their nearest and dearest

Dear Match.com, I am writing to you regarding the love story of my best friend Khrystyne and Matthew. They met on match.com 3 years ago. It was the best thing that could ever have happen. Matthew is a great guy and Khrystyne could not be happier. They have such a beautiful bond between them that the only way I can describe it is meant to be. They found each other because of you. Not only have they been together for 3 years, but I have the pleasure to announce that they will be married April 14, 2018. I can not wait to be the man of honour at their wedding!!!! Thank you for all you have done to bring these two people together and giving them the best gift ever. Their love for one another!!!! Sincerely Timothy Stone Date July 6 2017

3. Age is just a number. Kim & Steven prove it’s never too late to step out of your comfort zone
We met on Match 2 years ago. We were both in our 50s, beginning to think dating sites were perhaps not our thing and really just embracing life as single people. We met under the clock in Glasgow Central Station, for a drink at noon. We talked and laughed for the whole date and I got the last train home. We’ve been together ever since and are getting married on 5/8/17.
Kim and Steven Date July 6 2017

4. The couple who learned to love again, united by loss
We would like to thank you all at match.com for making our lives complete again after us both losing our partners cruelly in death. Both being widows after long marriages, love again never seemed possible. After moving in together in Kings Lynn we have now booked our wedding on 24 May 2017 and our new journey starts. Thank you all for making it possible to find love and happiness again. Such a happy future together and true love again x x Date January 30 2017

5. This happy-ever-after stemmed from an act of courage during a period of low self-esteem

I joined match after getting divorced. Not intending to meet anyone but to see if anyone still found me attractive, my self esteem was that low. Andrew and I started talking after I changed my profile in response to lots of positive and encouraging messages. We messaged each other for a week or 2 before he asked me out on a date. I accepted and looked forward to our Saturday date. My kids cricket match was called off due to bad weather on Wednesday and I boldly text him to see if he wanted to meet. We met up straight from work and talked over a drink for an hour and a half. We went our separate ways due to other commitments but agreed to meet the next night. That was the start of a relationship full of ups and downs, wobbles, fun times, laughter, tears, happiness and the making of many memories. That was 31st July 2013. On 1st March 2017, Andrew proposed to me on a moonlit bridge in Venice. We are looking forward to a happy life together with our 4 children. Date March 21 2017

6. A 4am wake up call worth getting up for
When I joined the site in September 2015 I was slightly sceptical after hearing some mixed stories about internet dating. However, shortly after joining I started exchanging emails with this one person and we agreed to meet up for a coffee a few weeks later. We must have talked for hours – I couldn’t believe how much we had in common. We both loved to travel and explore the world, the same kind of movies and sports – and who knew there was someone just as competitive as myself. This is a person I would never have crossed paths with in the ‘real world’ so I’m so glad this site exists! We have spoken every day since then and experienced some great adventures together, I’ve introduced him to new things as has he. Funny how someone you meet online can complement and balance you so well. Today I can’t even imagine what life would look like without him in it. In April 2017 we went on holiday to Morocco, my other half knows how much I love mountaineering so he decided to give it a go and we climbed Mount Toubkal. On the second day we started the climb at 4a.m in the dark, with the dramas of altitude sicknesses and exhaustion we reached summit at 7.30a.m. Not only did we reach the top but he also surprised me by getting down on one knee and proposing at the top. Never did I think that only 2 years after signing up on the site would I be getting married! Online dating allows you to meet people who you would never meet otherwise! Date June 7 2017

7. This couple quite literally went the distance for each other & are now enjoying a well travelled married life together
Marie and I met on match.com after a string of unsuccessful dates. I lived 70 miles away in Devon, her in Cornwall. We started talking in September 2012 and had our first date, which I travelled by train to Cornwall. Going back and forth for months until February 2015, I decided to move to Cornwall to be with her. We moved into our own house in May 2013. I proposed to her in Thailand on Sairee Beach, Koh Tao. We tied the knot in Santorini Greece last September in front of friends and family. Date February 6 2017

8. Match quickly turned ‘unlucky in love’ into ‘whirlwind romance’
I’d decided to have another go at online dating in June 2015 after unsuccessful experiences on other sites. I wasn’t intending to find anything other than companionship as I truly believed that finding love online was the exception. Trev sent me a message in Sept 2015 and we immediately clicked. It was uncanny how alike we were. Similar backgrounds, both previously in the armed forces, both married at the same age and both had a child within a month of each other! We spoke on the phone after several messages and felt so at ease with each other that we decided to meet in my local pub on 26th September. Trev was late as he couldn’t find the country pub, but that didn’t matter as I knew instantly that he was a lovely man and his beautiful eyes won me over. After 2.5 hours which felt like less than an hour, we left the pub and had a cheeky kiss in the car park. It made my toes curl and I was excited to see Trev again. Little did I know that we both fell for each other that night. After a whirlwind romance, Trev proposed to me underneath the Northern Lights in Iceland during a weekend break. We have since married on 15th December in the Lake District. Our friends and family agree we are a match made in heaven. We have both found our soul mates, best friends and love of our lives thanks to match.com Date January 12 2017