The single reason to love Valentine’s Day

Why it’s great to fly solo on V-Day

You save money
You’re just back on your financial feet after the slog of Christmas, so the last thing you need is to have to fork out on even more gifts. If you do decide the urge to spend is too much, at least you can do it on a nice treat for yourself.

You can get things done
Valentine’s Day is a good day to get things done. Not romantic things, practical things. With all the couples jamming up restaurants, make the most of nice empty gyms and uncluttered shop floors.

You feel smug
Enjoy being able to claim the moral upper hand. ‘Valentine’s Day is corporate nonsense’, ‘All those cards are bad for the environment’, ‘I’d rather give my money to charity, not waste it on an unwanted gift’. And so on and so on…

You know where you’re at
If you go out on Valentine’s night – away from the restaurants – you can be sure everyone you see is probably single. Make the most of the biggest flirting night of the year.

You can always hope…
There’s a lot about the teenage years we don’t want to re-visit: mad hair, dubious fashion choices and having to abide by a curfew… One thing we never want to lose, however, is those butterflies of excitement on Valentine’s Day morning. Even if deep down you know there’s no chance of a card, it’s impossible to ignore the blind optimism of hope.

You don’t have to share
The shops shelves are heaving with offers on boxes of chocolate, bubbly and luxury bathroom treats. Bingo! It might be aimed at couples, but they are just the ingredients for your perfect night in…all for you…no sharing. Thank you very much.

You can start the weekend fresh
This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday, normally the day when you start celebrating the weekend. But desperately trying to avoid couples, you decide it’s best to stay in this week. Imagine how you’ll feel waking up nice and bright and fresh on Friday. Ready for the proper weekend.

You don’t have to sweep up pollen
Flowers are lovely…in the garden. Let’s be honest, however sweet a bunch of flowers may seem at first, give it a few days, and they just start looking a bit saggy and tired. Give it a few more days, and they’re dry, slightly pungent, and dropping pollen everywhere. No date, no flowers, no mess. Simple.

You can rock it (big hair style)
You can pretend to be as cool and hip as you like, but deep down, everyone loves a power ballad. Especially an ‘I’m all alone/love is mean’ type power ballad. So for one night of the year, put your headphones in, turn the volume up and indulge in your inner Bonnie Tyler. All together now, ‘Total eclipse of the hearrrrt…’

You can New Year it again
There’s something about big annual events that makes you feel you should re-evaluate your life. Think New Year’s Eve, birthdays, watching the London Marathon. So while everyone else might be out wasting time on dates this Valentine’s Day, use your time to have a ‘life sort’. Sign up for a class, go for a jog, clear out your closet, or even join online dating.