Sami from shares her tips to create the ultimate asian dating make-up look…

Bollywood actresses never fail to look polished and glamorous, and although they spend hours in hair and makeup to look that good, there are some simple rules we can all follow to look as beautiful as they do.


1 Bigger is always better

Hair and makeup in Bollywood films is always glamorous and dramatic. Think big voluminous hair, thick fluttery lashes, and a killer pout.

It’s easy to get carried away and forget when to stop backcombing your hair so it’s as big as Deepika’s, so remember that everything, including hair and makeup is exaggerated for the big screen.

To get more natural volume start by prepping your hair with mousse. Apply a golf ball sized amount to wet hair, massaging it onto your roots and through to the mid ends before blowdrying it with a big barrel brush. Then, to get a bit more va-va-voom take the top sections and lightly backcomb it. Fix with some strong-hold hairspray and style as usual.


2 It’s all about the eyes

Forget contouring or getting the perfect base – Bollywood actresses like to let their eyes do the talking. In fact, you’ll rarely see them without some kohl and mascara.

To get the perfect cat eye look start by lining the top of your eyelid with a liquid liner (pencil is too messy and will give it a more grungy look), remembering to wing it out at the end. Then, with a pencil or gel liner, line the bottom of your eyes all the way up to the tear duct. Finish by going over your bottom eyeliner with a matt black eyeshadow to set and stop it from smudging.


3 Skip the glitter

The notion that Bollywood actresses are covered in pink glitter is a massive cliché. Bollywood makeup is all about looking polished and glamorous without it being obvious that you’re wearing a ton of makeup. Avoid anything with glitter unless you are a) getting married or b) attending a beauty pageant.

Bright colours should also be kept to a minimum. If you want to add some colour to your eyes keep it simple with a pop of colour under or above the eyes, or go for a bright lip. As a general rule you shouldn’t have more than two different colours on your face.


4 Perfect eyebrows

A strong, powerful brow is a staple for Bollywood actresses. Most of them will have perfectly groomed, full brows with an arch – the perfect accompaniment to the cat eye!

This first rule of getting a Bollywood brow is to stop tweezing them. If they’ve stopped growing or are very thin and sparse apply a growth serum like M2Beauté daily.

Create definition and drama to them by filling in any gaps with a slanted eye brush and eyeshadow in the same colour as your hair.

Voila, your ready! Head over to our Asian dating section for more tips and tricks.