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Five things to do on Valentine’s Day

Five things to do on Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again – Valentine’s Day is here! More than just a time for flowers and gifts, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of romance, a time to slow things down and appreciate those who you love – or maybe just like so far.

At Match; it’s no secret that we love love!
Any chance to celebrate the connection between two people is a chance to share the glow of affection with each other. Connecting for the first time or reconnecting after a while of being together is a rush of endorphins that we all need. Spend some time with the people that are important in your life and wear something fun!

Dressing up, going out or staying in, your Valentine will be blushing red and pinker than any décor with our Valentine’s Day date ideas.

Whether you have someone great you want to go on a date with or if you’re more a family and friends type, we’ve got a list of things to do on Valentine’s Day to put the joy back into love:

1. The classic romantic: Out to dinner

  • The easiest thing to do on Valentine’s Day is to go out for dinner.
    Make sure you book ahead as lots of restaurants are understandably busy on Valentine’s Day so you’ll need to book before February probably – sorry, but them’s the breaks when it comes to Valentine’s Day.
    Try going somewhere new, a little more fancy than usual perhaps and if you really want to treat someone, take them out of their town or city and go for dinner somewhere nice.
  • There’s no need to splurge, though, a few candles and a takeaway at home can be just as intimate and romantic.
  • Cooking for someone is also a great way to celebrate the eve of St. Valentine, and you can do it together for added romance. We’d recommend making a playlist for your dinner and for goodness’ sake, turn off the television!

This is a time to connect with your partner, so don’t be afraid to show them how much you really care and treat them with love and attention for the whole evening – going out for a romantic dinner or staying in with someone you really care about.

2. The short but sweet: Go for drinks

People have lives and jobs, so you might not have all day to spend on someone – no matter how much you want to.
Going out for drinks is a way to go out a little later and get all those things done you need to.

  • It’s definitely a good idea to book a cocktail bar in advance if you want to go out for a few fancy drinks, but there’s nothing better than a nice pub if you think your partner would be up for that!
    Make sure that it’s not just your local, so your special someone feels like you’ve taken the time to try your hand at romance if that’s not your normal.
  • For others, a wine bar is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day, a bottle of wine is more than enough for the evening, so you can go somewhere a little upscale if your budget allows and show your partner everything you know about wine (or do a little research beforehand, so you can impress them).
  • Getting a little tipsy is recommended too, but if it’s a first or second date, it’s probably best to leave it at that for now!
  • If you don’t drink, there are always non-alcoholic options for people that are a little nicer than soft drinks all night – think alcohol-free cocktails, mocktails and non-alcoholic wine.

3. Get some experience: Take a class

Taking a class is an underrated way to connect with that someone special.

  • Booking in some time to learn something new together is a way of bonding – it doesn’t matter if you’re bad at it, as long as you have fun together!
    For Valentine’s Day, romance is at an all-time high, so try something like a pottery and release your inner Patrick Swayze.Don’t forget to share a few giggles and not take yourself too seriously.
  • For added giggles, perhaps have a go at life drawing. It’s fun and silly, and there’s little more reminiscent of school days than attempting not to snigger whilst trying to draw someone you don’t know naked.
    Laughter bonds people, so anything that you can laugh about is a good idea if you’re trying to connect with your partner or even if it’s just a friend’s Valentine’s Day.
  • Those who are in need of a little more relaxation might want to book a spa day, a few treatments in and a swim in the pool will have you and your partner (or pals) feeling chilled out, ready for a cup of tea and a few baked goods to see the years’ most romantic day out in truly relaxed style.

4. Big city nights: Things to do in London

For the city slickers among us, Valentine’s Day date opportunities are abundant!

  • Take in the views of London by going to a walk on Hampstead Heath (bring jumpers and boots, it will be cold and it will be wet) and don’t forget to buy your special someone a coffee or hot chocolate to keep their fingers warm.
    Look over the city and contemplate your present, hold hands or take the dog, but a romantic stroll never goes amiss.
  • If you’re more of a stay-in-and-cosy type, venture out to the Royal Opera House and see an unforgettable night of music with your significant other (or family members), there’s little more romantic than enjoying a beautiful night in breathtaking surroundings. Just for one night, you can bring the royalty to the opera!

5. Show them how much you care: Give gifts to one another

Gift giving is seen as an important part of Valentine’s Day – whether you make a gift or decide to buy one, it’s worth checking out our Valentine’s Day gift guide if you’re struggling to come up with ideas.

But one of the most significant things when it comes to giving your partner a gift to celebrate St. Valentine is how to give someone a gift.
Giving someone something is all about atmosphere and time, so set the gift giving mood and don’t just throw it at them! Wait until the evening, and after you’ve spent a little time together, when the mood is a bit lazy and the time for romance seems nigh – you’ll get the feeling when it’s right!

The gift you give someone also depends on how long you’ve been dating for, if you’re gift-giving to a friend, you’ll know what they like, but it can be harder if you’ve only been dating for a few months (or weeks!).
If you’re unsure what to get someone, it’s always OK to ask. But it’s best that if you’ve been dating for not so long that you don’t splurge on them, there’s plenty of time for that.
Try to think of all the things you’ve done together, all the things you like about them, and get them something that they’ll really appreciate. Perhaps you can get them a small trinket from that night you went to Soho, or a date night experience like tickets to that show they have mentioned a few times.

Gifts don’t need to be expensive, just full of love and care.


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