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Three hours of free babysitting for single parents!

Three hours of free babysitting for single parents!

Here at Match, we’re delighted to announce a partnership with online childcare platform, Yoopies, offering three free hours of babysitting to our new and existing single parent members!

Vicki Pavitt, Match’s dating expert, says:

‘’We understand there are so many things for single parents to juggle, especially when it comes to dating. It’s not just popping out to grab a quick bite, but booking the babysitter, organising the taxi so you’re not late back and also arranging the follow ups – it’s a military operation. So with this new offering from Match at least there is one less thing to worry about. Not only that, but for those 36 per cent of singles who say they lack confidence, Match offer events and coaching sessions to help get singles back on their dating game and make it fun again.’’

The partnership has been set up following research carried out by Match highlighting the difficulties faced by single parents when it comes to dating. Check out the results of our survey and then sign up to take advantage of this unique offer!

We’ve done our research, surveying 700+ British single parents, and discovered that:


  • 35% of single parents haven’t been on a date in over a year, with 45% of single parents saying they NEVER date
  • A quarter of single parents are concerned that having kids will put off potential dates
  • Almost half (45%) of those surveyed would like to find a long-term partner
  • 65% say that they sacrifice their love lives to protect their children, while 30% can’t date as they don’t have anyone to look after their kids


Why do single parents feel unable to date?


  • Over a third (36%) battle with confidence issues
  • 28% aren’t sure where to meet the right person
  • A quarter (25%) say they don’t have enough time
  • 24% find dating stressful
  • A quarter admit that they feel guilty when they’re away from their kids in the evening
  • Over a fifth (23%) admit that they don’t want to tell their parents that they’re going on a date and therefore can’t turn to them for childcare


What are single parents looking for?


  • 41% would be happier dating another single parent as they understand the responsibilities involved
  • 71% of those surveyed said honesty was their most desired quality in a partner, with 48% looking for a good sense of humour and 27% seeking sexual chemistry


How important is sex?


  • For half of single parents, sex is an important part of a relationship
  • 29% say they have a high sex drive
  • Over a fifth (22%) rarely have sex for fear of being interrupted by their child
  • 39% are less confident about having sex since becoming a single parent


So what’s the offer?

To help ease single parents back into the dating game, Match and Yoopies are exclusively offering three hours of free babysitting to new and existing single parent members. This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy guilt-free dating. Our research found that the average date for a single parent lasts nearly three hours (167 minutes). So you can relax, enjoy your date and allow us to cover childcare!



Visit the offer page for more information on how it works and how to take advantage of it.




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