This week, I went on a meet-up at Grand Union Bar in Brixton. On a Monday night! Suffice it to say, I am living on the edge! As this was my first event, I felt some (minor) nerves as I left the Underground station. That is, until I spotted H&M less than 25 yards away. A spot of sales-rack searching (fruitless but calming) was just the thing to get me heading over to the venue with a renewed sense of purpose.
The venue was amazing! The bar had these kitsch mini-chandeliers and single hanging light fittings with plenty of comfy buttoned leather sofas throughout. Out the back was a huge canopied garden area with standing lamps, interspersed with smaller fires and alcoves with television screens. The bar tender was easy on the eye too!
After signing in and getting my free drink, I moved about to mingle. I met quite a few people and even got a great wing-woman (we shall call her, J) and we worked our way around the bar a few times before heading outside twice.
At the end of the evening, I and 2 other new female partners-in-crime got to watch love blossom as one couple leaned closer to each other and shared their first kiss. Aawwww! On that note, I called it a night! It was a pretty good event with a great turn-out for a Monday night and a wonderfully chosen venue. Just no love on the cards for me that night! I need a wing-woman for the next one though…I wonder what J is doing.
Tune in for the next installment…throwing out the rule book!