Most people use the colder months to hibernate and snuggle up in front of the TV. However, for my housemates and me at least, cold weather means leaving our drafty Victorian house-share behind and hitting the pubs and bars of London to socialise and, crucially, keep warm.

Perhaps thanks to this innovative approach, I’ve decided that ‘tis the season to get dating! Here’s what I’ve learned about festive dating in the process:

Winter wonderland, whilst cliché, is actually wonderful

Having successfully avoided Winter Wonderland for the past four years, I was somewhat dubious when asked out on a date there. Prepared for a night of cold feet and forced conversation, I dragged myself along…only to find such wonders as a slow-moving carousel that is actually a German bar, and a spinning wheel that gives you the chance to win an enormous 2Kg bar of Toblerone. Can I just reiterate…2 kilos of chocolate. It is basically a massive playground for adults, with some rides for children too if you happen to have any. I had a great time on my date, and I would definitely recommend it, although week nights are a lot less crowded than weekends.

Men seem more attractive at Christmas….

Everyone looks terrible in January, padded out with post-festive bloat and consumed with post-festive regret. But at Christmas, it’s a completely different story. Everyone feels lighter, happier, probably more drunk, and people even look better thanks to the lilting hues created by the sparkling Christmas lights that adorn every shop, bar and street. And then there are men in Christmas jumpers. Men look great in Christmas jumpers, there’s something very lumbersexual about it all, and you can also tell a lot about a man’s personality from his choice of festive sweater. ….but that could be because you’ve spent the whole of December in a Prosecco-induced haze.

However, all this does come with a caution. Having basically spent the entire festive season in the pub, I have realised that people can get very drunk over Christmas. With Christmas lunches allowing you to leave work and hit the pub at 1pm, comes a very cautionary message around making sure that you don’t do any sort of drunk dialling of those you are dating and also make sure you never snog anyone from the office at the Christmas party. More often than not, it will not work out very well.

But if this sage (and possibly obvious) advice is already too late, then don’t worry; we can all start afresh in January!
Merry Christmas!