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Top 10 movies to watch with your girlfri3nds

Laura, 2 May 2019
Top 10 movies to watch with your girlfri3nds

Every now and again, all a girl needs is a night in with her best girlfri3nds! But choosing the flick can be a chore!
So, we’ve narrowed down our favourite chick flicks for you and your girlfri3nds to gather round and indulge in…over a bottle of plonk and a box of chocs, of course!

1. Dirty Dancing

Almost every girl in their right mind has seen this at least ten times! But if you’ve managed to miss this ultimate chick flick, you are missing out!
Gather your girls and get ready to sing and dance along to your hearts’ content to classic hits like “Time of my life”.

2. The Notebook

The ideal film for real believers in love, The Notebook is the ultimate tear-jerking love story about young sweethearts who are forced to choose between true love and class order.
While you’re shopping for popcorn, stock up on the tissues too – your girlfri3nds are going to need these!

3. Titanic

Okay okay we were mistaken! THIS is the ultimate heart-breaking, tear-jerking story. With a theme similar to the Notebook, Titanic tells the story of two people from differing social backgrounds who meet during the ill-fated voyage of the Titanic.
On the plus side, Titanic stars the beautiful Leonardo DiCaprio, who makes it through most of the three hour film!

4. He’s Just Not That Into You

If you’re having doubts about a man you’re dating – WATCH THIS FILM! This flick holds all the answers to your burning questions about your funny old relationship!
If you’re not having doubts but fancy a giggle and a moan about men, then this film is for you too, girlfri3nd!

5. Notting Hill

Starring two of the most renowned chick flick icons, Notting Hill tells the story of an unlikely relationship between bookshop owner Will (Hugh Grant) and Hollywood pin up Anna (Julia Roberts).
True to form, Hugh Grant plays a blunderous yet loveable character who you and girlfri3nds will be rooting for throughout this film!

6. 500 Days of Summer

It might feel like a love story, but it’s not. And, it might trick you into believing it’s a love film…right up until the last five minutes!
500 days is a great film to watch with girlfri3nds of yours who are into indie films or in denial love stories!

7. Twilight

Surely we can all relate to falling for someone we shouldn’t? Even if they do have fangs!
If you’re partial to a bit of vampire fiction, then Twilight is a definite must see for you and your girlfri3nds! A little bit edgy, a lot of love and the thrill of the “will they won’t they?” romance!

8. Moulin Rouge

A story about love and loss beautifully told through the power of song, dance and some big name performers, including Ewan McGregor, Nicole Kidman and Jim Broadbent.
Fabulously sparkly scenes, hilarious lines and classic songs with a Parisian twist, Moulin Rouge is the perfect film to choose for a night in with the girlfri3nds – because you “can can can”.

9. Bridget Jones’ Diary

A film that you and all your girlfri3nds can relate to, Bridget Jones is packed from start to finish with hilarious lines and “we’ve all been there” scenes of embarrassment!
A normal woman, Bridget Jones (Renee Zellweger) is continually battling with her weight, body hang ups, job, life and lack of a man! But she soon finds herself torn between two men who are keenly after her affections (ooh the lucky girl!) but which will she choose? The dapper boss, Daniel Cleaver or reserved Mark Darcy?

10. Love Actually

So, it’s technically a Christmas film, but we think it’s perfectly acceptable for you and your girlfri3nds to indulge in Love Actually.
It’s feel-good, it’s funny and what’s more, it’s got a totally star studded cast! So, it’s bound to feature one of your most loveable comic actors! Wonderful! is proud sponsor of ITV2’s dating show ‘Girlfri3nds’ – on air Wednesdays at 9pm.

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