They’re beautiful, they’re Asian, and match’s dating expert Kate Taylor has a girl crush on every one of them…

Lisa Haydon

Born in India to an Asian father and an Australian mother, Haydon is more usually known as “Hey there.” She originally wanted to be a yoga teacher (check out her poses on Instagram – it’s like she’s made of steel) and only started modelling to help pay for her college tuition. But the catwalk wouldn’t let her go, and in the past 5 years she’s graced every major magazine front cover from Elle to Vogue, and won several major modelling awards. Inevitably, she’s moved into acting but, not inevitably, she’s good. Her role in coming-of-age drama Queen (2014) was universally lauded by critics. Want more of her on your screen right now? She’s currently hosting India’s Next Top Model on MTV India.

Asian Goddesses

Isa Guha

Guha is a trail-blazer. She was the first British Asian woman ever to represent England in Cricket, where her bowling skills helped her team win the Women’s Ashes and the World Cup. And in 2014 she became the first woman ever to be an “expert commentator” on men’s cricket on Radio Four. She was the ICC Ranked No.1 Bowler in 2008. After retiring in 2012, Guha successfully switched to a career in TV, where she presents cricket coverage globally for StarSports and ESPN. If you’d like to get up-close and personal with Guha (carefully avoiding that powerful right arm, of course), catch one of her regular speaking and hosting engagements – most recently, the Inaugural Asian Cricket awards at Lords.

Hye-Kyo Song

Song was born in South Korea – twice. Her real birthday is November 22, 1981, but she was born very ill and wasn’t expected to survive. Luckily, she did, but her Mother only registered her birth when she’d fully recovered, in February 1982. After that scary start, Song grew into one of the world’s most beautiful women. Her first ambition was to be a figure-skater, but she hung up her blades in the eighth grade. After winning a modelling contest when she was 14, Song moved into acting. First on TV (in First Love), and then, in 2003, in the cinema, in My Girl And I. Next year she’ll be appearing in Kim Eun-Sook’s Descendants of The Sun about Doctors Without Borders workers who fall in love amid war. Hopefully, her instinct for survival will triumph again.

Jameela Jamil

Feminist, fund-raiser, V-Jay, radio presenter, TV presenter, model… There are so many reasons to love “Jam-Jam”, we almost don’t know where to start. So let’s start on the outside and work in. Her fashion sense is unique – she refuses to have a stylist, and instead creates her own designer/grunge mash-ups that “inspire the UK’s young, fresh fashionistas”. Jamil has her own range of clothes at Simply Be. After an accident when she was in her teens, Jamil was confined to bed for a year and gained 5 stone, forced to wear XL-sized men’s tracksuits. Although she lost the weight, she still regularly tweets and blogs about body-shaming, and how it can affect girls’ self-esteem. Inwardly, Jamil has a wicked sense of humour, often self-deprecatory: her blog swings between pride at being the first ever female to host the Radio 1 Chart Show, and embarrassment at admitting she completely forgot the title of the number one during her first show. You can read more of her wit in her regular Cosmo column.

Konnie Huq

Every man who wept tears of jealous pain when Huq married Charlie Brooker in 2010 should rejoice – Huq isn’t sure their Vegas vows were legally binding. “I don’t think we ever sent the paperwork off.” So there’s still hope! Huq is well known for combining beauty with brains. After hosting BBC children’s favourite Blue Peter for 10 years, Huq now presents the geeky Sky1 gameshow “King of the Nerds” and admits she loves nothing more than a night in playing Scrabble. She’s not too squeaky clean, though: check her Twitter to see if you can spot when she dropped a MONUMENTAL F-bomb.


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