Top ways to find out someone’s cheating

It’s not just lipstick on the collar that gives it away…
Many relationships that fail to go the distance simply run out of steam, but alongside those that end in a whimper there are also those that end with a bang. The most likely cause of spectacular showdowns between partners is infidelity being discovered.
According to a survey by, here are the eight most common ways people find out they’re being cheated on.

Mobile phone
A massive 41% of those polled said a mobile phone exposed the infidelity in their relationship. This is not surprising. If your partner is unfaithful, there’s almost undoubtedly going to be evidence on their phone. This could be in the form of texts, call histories – or if you’re really unlucky – photos. Mobile phones are also easy for the suspicious-minded to get hold of.

Social media
It’s handy that Twitter and Facebook can remember your password – saving you typing it in. But such convenience also means these accounts can be easily accessed by others, including your partner. The poll revealed 23% of love-rats were exposed when flirty and sexual messages sent via social media were discovered. Facebook’s tagging feature also provides killer photographic evidence that someone’s been where they shouldn’t have.

Went through files on PC/laptop/tablet
Finding files on a computer which proves you’re being cheated on is always going to be unpleasant. It’s possible that those files are archived messages, but files stashed away for safe-keeping are more likely to be saved emails, photos, or even videos. Some 13% of those polled said this was how cheaters were caught out. Don’t be fooled by folders with harmless seeming names – this is where you’ll find the dirt.

Caught in the act
This is the by far the most dramatic way an unfaithful partner is exposed. For the one cheated on it’s like being punched in the stomach by a big fist called betrayal. For the cheater, it’s the one situation you never wanted to happen – both your lovers in the same room at the same time. According to the survey, 11% of infidelity is revealed in this devastating fashion.

Told by friend
It can be a real dilemma: you know, or suspect, that your friend’s partner is doing the dirty behind their back. Do you tell them? Or do you spare their feelings by not getting involved? Real friends would let the wronged party know that their boyfriend or girlfriend is a wrong-un. This is how 5% of cheaters were named and shamed, according to the survey.

Told by family member
You would expect more loyalty to the person being cheated from a family member than from a friend. However, the poll said only 3% of relationship infidelities were out-ed by a relative. This discrepancy is probably because your family are less likely to find out – as they’re outside your social group – rather than a reluctance to dish the dirt.

It’s telling, and perhaps a bit depressing, that only 2% of cheating partners revealed their unfaithfulness themselves. Some do opt to spill the beans – either through guilt or because they’re challenged – but not many. It seems that once we start down the road of lies and deceit, it’s in for a penny in for a pound.

The poll said that the remaining 2% of infidelities were revealed by means known only as ‘other’. Inconsistency in lies, overhearing something in the background during a phone call, anonymous tip-offs in the form of letters or emails, hidden cameras, private detectives and good old-fashioned lipstick on the collar all fall into this category.