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The UK’s 4 most up-and-coming online dating bloggers

Laura, 1 March 2021
The UK’s 4 most up-and-coming online dating bloggers

The online dating world is full of advice, some of it more useful than others. We’d like to introduce you to four dating bloggers that are making their way in the dating advice industry. All offering their own take on dating, these four bloggers manage to deliver on important issues that many singletons struggle with on dating websites and offline.

Laura Yates

Nominated for the ‘Dating Expert of the Year’ award in 2015, Laura Yates is a rising star within the dating world. Specialising in break-up recovery, she is carving out an extremely successful career, being featured already in the media by the likes of the Daily Mail and Closer magazine.

“Laura Yates is a rising star”

Blogging about serious issues, Laura still manages to make her work extremely enjoyable to read, avoiding coming across in a preachy manner. So if you need some friendly advice after a tough break up, why not take a look at Laura’s blog. 

Lara Loveless

Another starlet of the online dating advice world, this jet-setting blogger is straight to the point and laugh out loud funny. She manages to tackle serious issues as well as answering more trivial questions that almost every twenty something dater will have asked themselves at some point.

 ‘Effortlessly relevant to people her age’

Basing a lot of her writing on her own life experiences, Lara manages to write in a style that is effortlessly relevant to people of her age. But, the blog also offers a distinct insight into the complex workings of the female mind, which means this blog is not just one for the ladies. Guys trying to understand the opposite sex should definitely give Lara Loveless’s blog a read.

Paul Thomas Bell

A Glasgow native, Paul Tomas Bell, prides himself on offering an honest and straightforward blog. Paul aims to help people better navigate their way through the journey of dating, and strongly believes that men especially should be more open about issues around love. His work ranges from extremely practical pieces of advice, such as basic first date dressing tips, all the way to incisive interviews with Tanni Grey-Thomson and Frank Turner.

‘Thoughtful and honest advice’

Voices like Paul’s are vital for online dating advice in a sector which is very often female dominated, his extremely thoughtful advice is a breath of fresh air to the dating advice industry.

Read more here on Paul’s blog

The Naomi Narrative

The second Glaswegian on our list (must be something in the water), Naomi, started her blog to vent frustration after a terrible date – and thank god for that terrible date! Naomi’s upfront tone allows her to be both insightful and extremely funny. She talks about topics ranging from her own hilarious dating stories through to extremely topical issues such as being Ghosted.

‘Naomi’s upfront tone allows her to be both insightful and extremely funny’

Nominated at last year’s UK Blogging Awards, Naomi has had her writing showcased in popular magazines such as Look and Cosmopolitan. This twenty something blogger has an exciting future within dating blogging.

For an entertaining and revealing read visit the Naomi Narrative.  

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