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Valentine’s Day: Different Dating Stages, Different Dates

Valentine's Day: Different Dating Stages, Different Dates

Whatever your situation this Valentine’s day, make the most of it. Valentine’s Day is the day of the year everyone expects you to be dating or schmoozing over someone, for better or for worse! If you’re online dating there are a few very different situations you might find yourself in. Here’s some relationship-status specific inspiration to help you navigate what can be a tricky date to manage.

Casually Dating

You have options, congratulations! The obvious answer is to spend the day with the person you feel you have the most potential to end up with long term. Be upfront about it. If you want to ask him/her out on a Valentine’s date then simply make the suggestion; don’t be overly serious, get hung up on rejection or other worries about how your invitation might come across.

If you can’t decide on which of your dates you want to spend time with, then you also have the option to fit a couple of dates in. As the big day falls on a weekday this year, you could spend the 14th with one date and arrange another date for the weekend. Always be tactful and honest about your current dating status with your dates to prevent unnecessary heartbreak.

Tip – dating multiple people means you need to be upfront with everyone and super organised. Don’t double book yourself and let a date down at the last minute; nobody likes that guy or girl.

If you get given the cold shoulder on Valentine’s Day, don’t take it to heart or read into it too much. There are a number of reasons someone might prefer to be alone on the day, spend time with friends / family or someone else. Don’t judge your relationship on a single day.

On the flipside, if you aren’t excited to do something with a date on Valentine’s day with your date, you could use the time to identify if you really want to spend your time them, and how you feel. This could be a catalyst for change in your relationships.

The most important thing is to be upfront from the start – if you are dating other people then you and your date should discuss this beforehand. How many details you want to share is down to you, but as in all relationships, communication is key. Whatever your future plans with the guy/gal you are dating at the moment, make sure you are both on the same page.

New Exclusive Relationship

So, you’re exclusive. That in itself should give you a warm feeling, knowing someone has chosen to give you their time is amazing. Having a date on Valentine’s day gives you the chance to make that someone feel special.

If your relationship is still in its early stages it’s tempting to try and blow your date away, but keep in mind grand gestures can make some people uncomfortable. Token gestures and personal touches go far further than 100 roses laid out across the floor, heart balloons or doves released from cages. If you have shared interests, or know something that your partner really loves, then that is a great starting point – save the extravagant gestures for later.

Making your first Valentine’s Day experience together a memorable one can really kick off a relationship.

Longer Relationship

If you’re in it for the long haul, this is your time to shine! You have had time to plan this day, but even if you’ve left it late, you know what will bring a smile to your partner’s face. A Valentine’s date in a longer-term relationship definitely doesn’t have to conform to dinner and wine; now is a perfect time to spring something new and exciting into the mix over a home cooked dinner or quiet drink.

Cooking classes, yoga retreats, spa days or visiting a difficult-to-pronounce European cities should all be on the cards. Most importantly keep your partner’s interests in mind – if there is something you’d know they’d love to do (even it might not be perfect for you) then throw caution to the wind and give it a go with a smile to match theirs. The thoughtfulness of your actions will be appreciated, and you give yourself the opportunity to push yourself out of your comfort zone!

Tip – Now is a chance to let your spontaneous side show and really treat your other half or experience something different together – higher risk, but much high reward.

Everyone in a relationship enjoys the razzle and dazzle of treating one another. This comes in all shapes and sizes, but the underlining gift to each other is sharing time and experiences together. Make the most of it and embrace the ‘loveydovey-ness’ of it all in your own unique way!

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