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Valentine’s Day survival guide for singles

Laura, 12 April 2019
Valentine's Day survival guide for singles

Valentines Day can be a toughie if you’re single. Shops are flooded with hearts and flowers whilst everywhere you turn there is advertising aimed at smug couples that only serve to taunt your solo status. It’s as though the special day for lovers was invented just to make singles feel inadequate. This year, instead of wallowing in self-pity, make your Valentines Day one to remember with our suggestions on how to survive sans cupid.

Count your blessings
It’s easy to get swept up by the notion of Valentines Day as the most romantic day of the year, but remember it’s just another excuse for shops and businesses to exploit couples and make some money. Be thankful you’re not shelling out cash on overpriced flowers, chocolates, cards and jewellery. Or worse having to fake delight at a disappointing gift or gesture. 

Make a plan
Don’t sit around waiting to be asked out on a date only to get to Feb 14th and realise you have nothing to do. Take control by putting some advance thought into how you want to spend the day and formulating a plan. Whether you decide to spend it alone in pyjama-clad hibernation or out getting merry with friends or family it should be a choice that you’ve made rather than a last resort, so get your thinking cap on and start planning now.

Don’t go on a date for the sake of it.
Having a date on Valentine’s Day isn’t the be all and end all so stop putting yourself under pressure to some one to go out with especially for the big day. Going on a date simply for the sake of not having to spend Valentine’s alone is pretty unwise since a last-resort date is unlikely to make you feel special or loved. Wouldn’t you rather spend time with friends or family than being bored to death on a bad Valentine’s date?

Spend time with loved ones
Forget about romantic relationships for now and concentrate on other significant relationships. There are plenty people in your life worthy of attention, so why not resolve to spend the day with one or some of them. Cook your best mate dinner, take your mum out shopping, arrange a group trip to the cinema or host a dinner party. Give some love and time to the people who matter to you the most and truly deserve it.

Indulge in your movie star crush
Spend some quality time with your fantasy boyfriend or girlfriend with a movie marathon of films staring your favourite Hollywood leading man or woman. Why would you want to be stuck in a restaurant surrounded by other couples desperately trying to out romance each other when you could be spending the evening with George Clooney or Megan Fox?

Throw an anti-valentines party
Round up your fellow singleton friends and throw your very own anti-valentines day party. Mix up a few cocktails, compile a love song-free playlist and prepare some anti-valentines nibbles like broken heart biscuits. Sort out some themed party games or share your worst date stories with a prize for the best. Make it a party your loved-up mates will end up wishing they’d been single for.

Be a hermit for a day
Valentine’s Day comes but once a year and if you’re really not in the mood for being faced with cosy couples at every turn, we suggest a self-imposed lock-in. We’re not advocating self-pity and wallowing, but it’s acceptable to cut yourself off from the rest of the world and mainstream media for a day. Think of it as a mini-detox. Prepare by stocking up on your favourite snacks and treats. Rent or buy a few DVD box sets to keep you entertained and on the day, stay away from the internet, radio and TV. We recommend staying in your pyjamas all day too, just because you can!

Go shopping
While those in a relationship are racking their brains trying to buy the perfect gift for their partners, you can go shopping safe in the knowledge that you’ll whole heartedly approve of any gift you buy for yourself. So take your self on a little shopping spree and splash out on something special just for you.

Relish your independence
Valentines day can put a huge pressure on a relationship so count your blessings that you don’t have to come up with the romantic gesture to beat all romantic gestures. The pressure’s off, so make the most of it by spending it your way.

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