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Our ultimate guide to Valentine’s gift ideas for her

Our ultimate guide to Valentine’s gift ideas for her

The countdown to Valentine’s Day is on, and it’s time to solidify your plans. Finding a gift for your date can be really hard though (with each passing year you’d think it would get easier) so we’ve put together our Valentine’s gift ideas to see you through February 14th. If you’re unsure of what to do this Valentine’s Day – besides gift giving – we’ve made a guide for that too.

With gift-giving becoming a year round occasion (from birthday to Christmas to any other special time of year we feel obligated to send cards for!), buying someone a gift for the most romantic holiday of the year is more and more difficult. We know that not everyone is up for going out on Valentine’s Day – it seems like everywhere is unavailable and booked up, puts their prices up or they just go way over the top with the valentine celebrations. So we’ve come up with ideas for those who’d like to splurge and those who would prefer to save a few pennies when it comes to the big day of St. Valentine.

If you’re looking for more than just a list of places to shop or the best price-effective Valentine’s Day gifts for the special lady in your life (P.S. if worst comes to worst, you can just go for red roses!), join Match today and find that special someone to spend time with, no matter the day of the year.

The history of Valentine’s Day

The big day started back in Roman times. Back then, Valentine’s Day had less to do with love and more to do with celebrating the arrival – and fertility – of the spring months. Women and men would be paired off together in a festival called Lupercalia. After the time of Pope Gelasius I, the festival was banned and made way for the day of Saint Valentine.

For centuries, 14th February was a saint-day festival, but by the 14th century, the romantic side of Valentine’s Day was back on display. The first valentines cards were sent in mid-1800s America and after that, the day was filled with red and pink heart symbols, Cupid (a nod to Valentine’s Day’s romantic origins) and love.

Champagne and chocolates

It might be obvious, it might be old school, but champagne and chocolates never gets old. This Valentine’s gift idea can be bought separately and wrapped yourself, or you could invest in a set for a bit more class.

Taking your loved one out for a chocolate and champagne night isn’t just super romantic, it’s a great way to get conversation going, have a chat about life, love and a laugh too. So, whether it’s a special anniversary or a time to celebrate you as a couple, champagne, chocolate and maybe a rose or two is the way to go.


Do it yourself.

  • Champagne can be bought from any local supermarket and most stores have at least one brand on discount, meaning you can buy a bottle of fizz and a bunch of red roses for less than £30 – and you won’t have to wait for delivery if you go in person!
  • The chocolates can be bought from the shop too, so ultimately you’re saving on time and money – win! Even better, you can set up a chocolate fondue set with little effort, so you can have fun, get a bit messy and maybe even feed each other chocolate covered strawberries for much less than a night out.

If it’s a special night in with the wife or a first Valentine’s Day with your girlfriend, champagne, and chocolate is a hit.


Staying in doesn’t always equate to saving money!
If you want to take things to the next level then nothing beats the Champagne and Chocolate box set from Fortnum & Mason. Ultra chic, extra fancy, and the woman in your life is guaranteed to love the surprise. Remember to write her a personalised card too, though, because hampers can make leave your loved one feeling like you left it to the last minute.
Keep it perfectly tailored to the woman in your life – be they new or a wife you’ve known for years – and you can’t go wrong.


It might seem simple, but there’s not much better than giving the gift of a lovely piece of jewellery for the woman in your life on Valentine’s Day. Jewellery might seem like an easy way out, but if you get a little card to go along with it, you can really show the woman (or women) you love exactly how you feel about them – even better if it’s personalised just for them.
Buying someone a necklace isn’t just a necklace, it’s a way of carrying a piece of you with them at all times – what’s more romantic than that?!


Homemade isn’t a dirty word any more.
Making something for the woman you love is a selfless and personal way to give a gift. Personal and unique, taking the time to think about and then create something especially for her is a great way to save a bit of money this Valentine’s Day. Just buy a kit to get started on wire jewellery or clay (for much less than buying a fancy piece) and then get started!

P.S. It’s even better if you add a personalized detail like an initial or their name, even your initials, so they can carry you about.


We all know some fancy jewellers that are guaranteed to impress.
There’s Tiffany’s, Cartier and even the more affordable Pandora classics, but nowadays, most women appreciate a little more thought in their gifts. So, try going for smaller, independent brands like Laura Galasso if the woman you’re buying for loves vintage or try Wolf Circus for the sustainability fan, that way you can shop locally and highlight the beauty in the lady you’re dating.

A weekend away

The ultimate Valentine’s gift – a weekend away with that special lady.
Whether it’s a weekend at the spa or that hiking trip you’ve always wanted to take, spending time together is the best way to reconnect with your loved one. While the nights away from home and get to talking just the two of you.
Whether you’re striving to be extra fancy or keep within a certain price, weekends away are manageable and a way to treat the person you love to something special (just make sure they’re available first). A weekend away for someone solo is also an awesome way to help someone who is feeling stressed and needs a break, or for the mom in your life who is always working and on the run.
This Valentine’s Day, the gift of a weekend away is the way to go.


Spend a weekend doing a short hiking trip. Going out into nature with the person who you care about is the best way of connecting, and spending all your time together in a tent will remind the woman you love why you fell for them in the first place. There’s little more romantic than seeing each other three days without a shower, up a mountain somewhere and feeling as free as humanly possible and still fancying each other.


Five star luxury with Egyptian cotton sheets and chocolates on the bed is just as great for you as it is for her!
Why not take it one step further and book a one night getaway to Paris? The Eurostar and hotel will probably set you back around £500 for two, but there’s no way she’s going to forget it.
Besides which, if you get a bunch (or box) of roses for her upon arrival, it’s nearly, nearly perfection. Perhaps best saved for a big anniversary, but you can treat any woman in your life to this, and she will feel like the only woman in the world!

Cook her a Valentine’s Day dinner

As the saying goes, food is the way to a man’s heart – but wait, it’s the same for some women too! Cook her up a feast at home or go out for a romantic meal.
Even if you’re just hanging out and getting a delivery. Make sure to get out the best plates in the house and decorate with a few candles, and it’s the perfect couple’s night in together. Ideal for the Instagram points – just upload that photo and have done! But your valentine will love that you’ve taken the time to really tell her how much you care.


Cooking at home is a much cheaper option than going out on Valentine’s Day.
We are big believers in the fact that you don’t need to slave away for hours to create something delicious, and you only need the right ingredients and flavours.
Aphrodisiac foods
are proven to spark romance, so why not sample these with your date to see if the science holds true.
Begin with a starter of oysters followed by a hot chilli con carne to get the blood racing. For dessert, keep it classic with chocolate covered strawberries, yum!

Even better? Get a delivery in and just decorate the place.
If you’re short on time but happy to show how much you care, get her favourite takeaway and talk to each other until the morning.


Going for a big romantic dinner is perhaps one of the oldest valentines trick in the book, but it’s a classic for a reason. Just find out where your partners’ favourite restaurant is, or what her favourite food is, and treat her to a delight accordingly – straight from the heart. Go for dinner under the stars, treat her to somewhere new, or release your inner romantic somewhere nearby.
Luckily for you, Match keeps track of the best places to take someone on a date all over the UK – and we usually include the best dinner spots to treat the woman you care about most to over the valentines season.

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