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What do you want from using a dating site?

What do you want from using a dating site?

Looking for a date or a serious relationship? Find out what you want to get out of your experience on a dating site.

Whether you’re looking to meet “the one” or would simply like to meet someone who shares similar interests to you, there are a few things you should consider.

I’m looking for… more opportunities to meet fun, single people

In a world where our lives predominantly revolve around our desks and socialising with friends, it can sometimes be difficult to meet suitable singles.

Furthermore, while you might often spot someone you really like the look of, it can be near impossible to know whether or not they’re single, let alone if they’re looking for the same things as you. That’s the beauty of nights – a great way to meet other singles, in the comforting surrounds of a local bar – everyone is single and they’ve been invited based on their age, gender and location, so it’s highly likely you’ll meet a suitable match at one of our events.

I’m looking to… speak to likeminded people

If you’ve joined an online dating website, you might not necessarily be looking for a long term relationship just yet, you might just like to meet new likeminded people.

There’s a lot to be learnt from dating, from discovering new tastes and interests, to realising the traits in a partner that are most important to you. You can add your favourite books, films and songs to your profile and search for people who have specified these as their favourites too.

I’m looking to… have fun dating

Not everyone who signs up for online dating is looking to find ‘the one’, you might like to simply have fun dating people until you’re ready for something more serious.

Going on lots of fun dates is a great idea for those who aren’t quite ready to “settle down”. By dating, you’ll get to try new things, discover new hobbies and experience different places with good company.

I’m looking to… find the one

On the flip side, maybe finding the one is exactly what you’re looking for, and online dating sites can be the perfect place to find your ideal partner.

Not only does your online dating profile present you with an opportunity to showcase all that’s great about you, but it also enables you to tailor your search for the perfect match. At, you can specify the type of person you’d like to meet, right down to their values and life aspirations.

Online dating gives you the chance to meet someone you might not have otherwise met, even if you live nearby.

As one of our previous members said: “It was only when I refined my search to members who were near me that I found Mel… I met her at a pub and I knew from the moment I first laid eyes on her that she was the one.”

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