Welcome to match.com socials, the newest service from the dating site which offers more ways to meet new people.

Over the last few months you may have noticed a few invitations in your match inbox telling you about interesting and unusual dating events such as pop up painting, speedboating and curry making. We’ve created these events especially for our members to get together over shared interests, have fun and maybe do something you wouldn’t normally do. Treat it as an experience as well as a chance to meet new people – after all, when else do you get the chance to meet other singles on a luxury boat while sipping bubbly?

How do I go to a match.com social?
1. Simply register for free at https://uk.match.com/
2. Go to the ‘Events’ section of the website to see what events are available for you to attend. We update this section on a weekly basis, so keep an eye to see what events are in your area.
3. Check your inbox for new and exciting match.com socials

Match.com socials are a natural extension of our online dating service and together with match.com nights, our free local drinks nights, match.com gives you more ways than ever to meet potential dates.