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What Is Singles’ Day?

Laura, 2 May 2019
What Is Singles' Day?

What is Singles’ Day?

Singles’ Day is a festival, held annually on the 11/11, to celebrate being single. Myth has it that the tradition started at Nanjing University in China, where students exchanged gifts with their single friends.

Why celebrate Singles’ Day?

There’s more single people than ever – and over 16 million in the UK. That’s good news for those of us currently on a dating journey – it means that there are more available men and women out there who might just tick all the right boxes for you!

Being single and dating is now a normal part of life – wherever you are in life. Long gone are the days where men wore tailcoats and you were expected to be married by 20. In fact, nearly 40% of adults in the UK don’t live as a couple. Finding other singles isn’t a matter of age; from younger 20-somethings to mature daters, there are singles out there dating and searching for their special someone on dating sites.

Singles’ day is about being proud to be single. There’s no shame in acknowledging that you’re not in a frenetic hurry to end your single status – some things take time, and getting into a serious relationship is definitely something that deserves careful thought and consideration. Similarly, if you’re having an exciting and eye-opening time meeting new people as you date, there’s no reason why you should feel pressure or be influenced by other people until you yourself know that you want to move from singledom towards a more long term relationship.

However, just like when you’re in a relationship, being single can be hard sometimes. There’s no escaping the fact that on a blustery, rainy Friday evening, you might prefer a coupled-up night in than heading out to meet your potential new flame. There again, you also don’t have to spend yet another tedious Sunday at your significant others’ friend’s or family member’s birthday. It works both ways.

How can you celebrate Singles’ Day?

Singles’ day should be an occasion to celebrate all the exciting and fun parts of being single. Take it back to its roots and buy a single friend a sporadic gift, go out for dinner with your single friends to catch up on your current dating lives and all the enchanting people and possibilities that lie ahead…because you’re single and dating!

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