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What NOT to wear on the first date: We’re talking to you boys!

Laura, 6 September 2021
What NOT to wear on the first date: We’re talking to you boys!

The four first date mistakes you didn’t know you were making. You’ve got a date! To make sure you knock her off her feet, we’ve compiled the four most common mistakes men make on a first date, and simple tips on how to avoid them.

1. White socks

Men’s socks versus the female is an age-old battle. Sandals with socks, sex with socks, odd socks, holey socks… do they ever stop?! Help us out with the beginning stages of getting introduced to your socks by keeping to this simple rule: White socks are ONLY for sportswear. This means NO jeans with white socks, NO suits with white socks. Don’t forgo socks altogether either! Just wear black or impress with a hue that complements your chosen slacks.

2. Man Alterations

We can understand how you got this one wrong. You’ve got a hot date after work and want to appear fun and easy going. You don’t want to seem too stuffy, so you rough up your formal work suit by untucking your shirt, loosening your tie or even (yes we have seen this) taking off your belt! Where to begin! There are a million ways to do smart casual, but this is not one of them. A formal suit is best served straight up, and you’ll look great. Explain you wouldn’t wear it on the weekend, show off your sense of humour and we’ll be putty in your hands. Or better yet, plan ahead and bring something comfortable to change into. Women have been doing this for millennia. Just save the alterations to the designers…

3. Gel

The gel debate, popularised by Ross Geller, hinges along the fine line between trendy and touchable. We know the rules, ‘don’t touch the hair’, but at least let us imagine what it would be like without grimacing.

4. Aftershave

To quote Luther Vandross “Never too much, never too much, never too much”. You can’t disguise anything with aftershave, you only enhance the overall smell… Bear this in mind next time you leave your washing in the machine too long or you’ve pulled something from the dirty washing basket last minute (don’t pretend you haven’t considered it!). Do us a favour, get your laundry in order and wear something else to make sure your first date doesn’t stink. Need a small freshen up? We hate to admit it but Lynx may be onto something…

While we’re at it, it might be best to avoid any cringeworthy approaches. While you might think funny chat up lines are a winner, she probably won’t, so stick to being charming, and looking good!

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