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What’s your chat up style?

What's your chat up style?

 Are you cheesy, smooth or plain desperate when it comes to chatting up? Take our quiz to find out.

1) You see a guy or girl you find attractive. What do you do?
a) Walk over and use your favourite funny chat-up line.
b) Make eye contact and smile.
c) Pretend not to notice them.

2) You’re most likely to pull using which of the following techniques…
a) Serenading a stranger in the street.
b) Chatting someone up in a bar.
c) Stalking them on Facebook.

3) Which of these lines would you be most likely to use in a chat-up situation?
a) “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?”
b) “Can I buy you a drink?”
c) “What’s that smell?”

4) What’s your idea of a romantic date?
a) A slap up meal at a posh restaurant.
b) Whipping up a gourmet feast for two at home.
c) Anything at all. It’s just nice to be out with someone for a change.

5) Pick your valentines gift of choice:
a) Flowers, chocolates and champers
b) A couples’ massage
c) Edible undies

6) When approaching someone you find attractive you…
a) Puff out your chest and swagger
b) Walk tall and sashay
c) Fidget nervously

7) Which of these films do you think is the most romantic?
a) Dirty Dancing
b) Casablanca
c) The Hangover

8) A friend introduces you to an attractive acquaintance. How do you greet them?
a) Give them a peck on each cheek continental style.
b) Wink and give them a quick hug.
c) Nod and wave hello.

9) When you’re around someone you fancy, you usually feel…

a) Like showing off.
b) Ultra confident.
c) Nervous and anxious.

10) You spot someone you like on the morning commute to work. What do you do?

a) Strut over and say “Apart from being beautiful, what do you do for a living?”
b) Strike up a conversation about the book/newspaper they’re reading.
c) Accidentally on purpose spill your coffee over them.

Mostly As
Your chat up style is…. Cheesy

Wow, we wouldn’t be surprised if your nickname was Cheddar. Your chat-up style is clichéd and your choice of pick-up lines are bordering on cringeworthy. But it’s not all bad news. Recent research revealed cheesy chat up lines are sometimes the most successful. It’s all about how you deliver the line and whether you can make the object of your affections laugh. We say keep trying!

Mostly Bs
Your chat up style is… Smooth

When it comes to romance you like to take a good old-fashioned approach relying on charm and gallantry rather than corny lines and clichéd gifts. We like your style and there’s certainly nothing wrong with a bit of chivalry from time to time, but be careful not to cramp her style by quashing her independence.

Mostly Cs
Your chat up style is… Hopeless

We’re glad to see you’re trying but we’re sorry to say your technique leaves a lot to be desired. Approaching someone you fancy can make the best of us tongue tied and anxious. In future try taking a few deep breaths to calm your nerves and don’t fidget. Stand tall and act confident even if you don’t feel it and above all think before you speak.

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