If you are interested in Asian dating or have an Asian date coming up, you’ll be glad to know we’ve done the hard work for you. We have picked out a few places that are sure to wow your date so you both have the best time.

Dishoom – Various locations in central London

Dishoom is a highly popular Asian restaurant located in four different locations around London. The unique Bombay-chic theme has caught the attention of many Londoners and has got itself listed in the Good Food Guide every year since 2012, pretty special no? Meet your date for a bacon naan roll at breakfast, or if that sounds too heavy go for a delicious lunch or dinner instead. We recommend the Mahi Tikka, but for a little more Asian spice try the Dishoom Chicken Tikka Roll. The interior décor alone is something to see, particularly the old fashioned toilets (no, we’re not joking). If you both enjoy Asian food or want to experience something new, crack some poppadum’s and enjoy your date in Dishoom’s buzzing atmosphere. Be sure to book in advance though, this place has been to know to have queues of up to an hour.

Harrow Safari – London

Enjoy Bollywood movies? Did you know there are loads of cinemas across the UK which showcase Bollywood films as well as Hollywood blockbusters? There’s no need to wait for the DVD or stream the newest movie online on a small laptop. You can both relax and enjoy a full sized cinema screen along with the all-important large box of popcorn. The best bit – Harrow Safari sell tickets for as little as £4! We don’t remember the last time you could get into a cinema for that price. But, don’t worry if you’re not based in London, Vue offer Bollywood screenings in other parts of the UK as well.

Birmingham Museum of Art – Birmingham

If you want to explore Asian culture in more depth, head to the Birmingham Museum of Art. They have an amazing collection of Indian, Himalayan and Sri Lankan art and sculptures spanning across centuries. Browse around with your date and get transported into the early centuries of Asian civilisation and craftsmanship. If you know your date has an interest in culture or art, this will be a good way to earn a few points. Besides the Asian collection, you’ll both also get to uncover the works of Africans, Latin Americans and Europeans, plus many more. General admissions is free but if you want to make the day a bit more special you can book a private tour.

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