The one with all the advice

You’ve been there, done that and got the “qualified to give advice” T-shirt to prove it. You’re the girlfri3nd that every girl needs, the go-to one with all the advice!
Whether it’s what to wear or how to behave, you’ve experienced it all and you know what to suggest to help your nearest and dearest girlfri3nds – or anyone who asks!

The shoulder to cry on one

The sympathetic girlfri3nd, you’re the pal who’s there, no matter where or when. If your good girlfri3nds are in need of a shoulder to cry on, you’ll be there as soon as you can, with a box of tissues, tray of chocs and a bottle of wine to help you both through the tears ahead.

The fun one

When spirits are low, every group of girlfri3nds needs one gal pal to pick everyone up with a fun and spontaneous activity.
Be it a spur of the moment night out or a trip to a theme park, you’re the one who’s there to boost morale when it’s starting to dip amongst the group.

The gossipy one

You heard it first and you’re bursting at the seams trying not to share it with everyone and anyone who’ll listen!
Albeit unintentionally, you’re the gossip girlfri3nd of the group, and people flock to you as they think you’re always first to be in the know.

The loyal one

When your girlfri3nds are feeling burdened with worries, problems or guilt, they know that they can confide in you.
You’ve been there for your girls through thick and thin and you’re not going anywhere. You’re a keeper of friendships; you’re the loyal one.

The best girlfri3nd

The girlfri3nd your friends can turn to when things go wrong, the one who they can confide in and who’s sure to pick them up when things are tough. You’re great for a giggle and always up for some fun. The perfect balance of all of the other girlfri3nd types, you’re the friend everyone needs to have in their group. is proud sponsor of ITV2’s dating show ‘Girlfri3nds’ – on air Wednesdays at 9pm.