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8 Summer Dating Do's and Don'ts For Gay Singles

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    In “The Last Song,” Ronnie (played by queen and LGBT supporter Miley Cyrus) says, “I did not come here for some stupid summer romance,” but that’s exactly what she got. While she initially went to spend time with her dad at his beach house , she also ended up falling in love with Will, a hot local boy who literally came crashing into her life during a volleyball match.

    Summer is a magical time — there’s a feeling in the air that anything can happen. This can make dating really exciting, but there are a few do’s and don’ts you might want to keep in mind.

    1. Do Go On More Day Dates

    Normally, dates are full of dinners, movies, concerts, drinks at the bar, dancing in the clubs, and things like that, and sometimes daytime dates can feel less romantic. However, summer is when you and your boo should be getting outside. And you have plenty of ways to keep the chemistry alive. Show off your bod by going swimming, get close to each other on the rides at a festival or fair, or do something else that feels sexy and will bring you two closer together.

    2. But Don’t Neglect Online dating

    While summer is the season for enjoying the fresh air as much as possible, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try online dating or continue to use it if you’re already on a site. True, you don’t want to be stuck inside, but that’s what cellphones are for! There are tons of gay dating sites out there that are mobile friendly, so you can date anywhere at anytime.

    3. Do Make Sure You Want the Same Things

    Whether you’re looking for a summer fling or something more serious, make sure you and the person you’re dating are on the same page. You don’t want things to get ugly because the lines of communication weren’t as open as they could be. It’s probably best to keep your expectations in check, enjoy the ride, and let the relationship progress as it will.

    4. Don’t Limit Yourself to the Same Types of People

    For some reason, it feels easier to break out of our shell and try new things during the summer. Like I said, there’s something in the air. In terms of dating, I’d recommend throwing your must-haves to the wind, at least for a little while. To reference “The Last Song” again, Ronnie couldn’t stand Will when she first met him because she assumed he was a cocky, dumb jock. But once she stopped thinking about her “type” and got to know him, she saw what a great match they were.

    5. Do Take Advantage of Free Activities

    Summer is all about the idea of “less” — less clothing, fewer worries, lighter food. That holds true for your budget as well. Forget the extravagance and embrace simple dates like free events in the park or other areas of your community, half-price happy hours, bogo tickets to sporting events, etc.

    6. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

    A lot of the times when we’re dating, we get into our own heads. We get annoyed at little things like the fact that they didn’t text back within an hour, sit next to us at the restaurant instead of across, or walk with the traffic on their side. As I mentioned, this is the time for forgetting about the stresses that don’t really matter. You’re too busy and fabulous to let someone bring you down and ruin your summer.

    7. Do Lean On Your Friends

    This tip goes hand in hand with number six. When you feel the urge to get disappointed by your date’s behavior, turn to your friends and family to get your mindset back on track. Spend more time with them, have them introduce you to new people, pick up a hobby together, go on trips, and you won’t have time to think about if a date might not be going the way you hoped.

    8. Don’t Rush Things

    Let what’s happening happen, and if you focus on being in the moment, dating will be fun no matter what. No matter if you end up finding your one true love, like Ronnie did, or if you end up going on a series of awesome dates with numerous people, give in to the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer!


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