We always get excited about Gay Pride with its amazing parades, films, and live music which lifts up the spirits of London! And now there’s even more reason to be excited, because the theme this year is “love”!
Gay Pride 2013 will centre around Love (and Marriage), and the celebrations will be about the amazing achievement of equal marriage, as well as the love between people in a wider sense. All the love and friendship that exists between the LGBT+ community and their friends and families will be celebrated in spectacular style during this year’s festival!
At match.com we started thinking how this massive celebration of love could also serve to ignite the hearts of gay single men in London, and we thought what better place to go on a date than to the very centre of the celebration of gay love!
To help you pick a place, we have put together our top events to go to when gay dating at Gay Pride.

Gay 4 Play – Around the World in One Dinner

If you think that all the best events during gay pride are held in Soho, then you need to take a look at what Gay 4 Play are offering. Gay 4 Play are taking over the streets of Clapham to promote their very own gay village! On the 30th June, you will have the opportunity to sample an incredible four-course meal with dishes that have been inspired from around the four corners of the globe! From Japan to Persia, you’re taste buds are going to be delighted! But it’s not just about food. Each course is broken up by a stop off in Clapham’s gay bars, finally ending up after dinner in Del’Aziz for some mouth-watering desserts and a chance to show off your dance moves to your date! Tickets are £50, and all proceeds go to Pride in London.

Summer Rites Pride in the Park

Fancy going to a festival? The Summer Rites Pride in the Park will not disappoint if you want to go out and have an exciting adventure with your date. With 7 dance arenas playing a variety of music from pop, dance, east, urban, and cabaret to name but a few, combined with 5 bars, a food market, and a fun fair, you will be sure to have a really fun time with your date! The festival is being held in Shoreditch, and tickets are £5 with all proceeds going to Pride in London.

Watch a movie at Channel 4

Want to take things a bit easier on your date? Why not apply for tickets on the Gay Pride website to go see the brilliant and heart-warming film ‘Beautiful Thing’ with your date. This won’t be your typical cinema date however, as you will be in the amazing Channel 4 building. A great date if you want to relax with your date in a cool, alternative setting!

Go to see Viva La Drag!

If you want to go somewhere bursting with entertainment then go to a showing of Viva La Drag! starring the amazing Supreme Fabulettes! With slick choreography, amazing vocal harmonies, stunning outfits, and vocal mash-ups of songs from throughout the 90’s until today, the show will be a burst of entertainment for you and your date. The show has had rave reviews, and Time out has named them No.1 Critics Choice which is an incredible accolade. Book your tickets now and you and your date will not be disappointed.

Laughing Cows Comedy

If you want to have a laugh with your date then go watch some of the brilliant comedy on offer at Gay Pride. There are a variety of acts performing this year, all of which have achieved rave reviews. The acts have been commended as ‘quality’ with ‘genuinely funny acts’, so it will surely be a great event for both you and your date to go to when going on a date at Gay Pride. Tickets are £8 and are available from the Gay Pride website.

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