Jay & Sarah

When did you meet?
I took the first step and sent Jay a message on the evening of August 6th 2019. After a few knock backs from other men on Match I didn’t think Jay would reply as he was way out of my league but to my surprise he did send one the very next day and we didn’t stop talking. Every morning Jay would send me a message before heading out for a run or work and in the evenings we’d spend hours just messaging and getting to know one another. After around 2 weeks of messaging we arranged our first date on August 18th 2019. We met for a walk at a furzton lake in Milton Keynes and then went on to Stowe gardens in Buckinghamshire. It was beautiful and I felt like I’d known him for years. We held hands as we walked and shared our first kiss under a tree. He’s my best friend and soulmate and I just love him to pieces.
What aspect of their Match profile did you find most attractive or interesting?
His beautiful, sparkly blue eyes. I also loved his smile.
Do you have any plans together as a couple (holidays, moving in, commitment…)
For valentines 2020, Jay rented a gorgeous barn in the Lake District and showed me places he used to visit when growing up, and in September Jay took me to looe in Cornwall to celebrate my 40th birthday. We spend every other weekend together and a couple of nights during the week.
What are the cute little things you do for each other on a daily basis?
Jay would send me songs that reminded him of me/us eg ‘secret garden’ which made me feel closer to him whilst we were apart, especially during lockdown. Jay likes apple pies and so, with the help of my mum, I learnt how to make them and now make them on a regular basis to cheer him up. At bedtime we always kiss each other goodnight and fall asleep in each others arms.