Lucy and Emma

Lucy and Emma have been driving two hours a day to see each other since they first met six months ago

Lucy: “The moment we met we just knew we were supposed to be together. We’ve been dating for six months and make sure to see each other every day, even though we live two hours away from each other! I always like to keep her on her toes by cracking jokes about her.”

Emma: “She’s the love of my life and I don’t know what I’d without her. However, I can’t stand Lucy when I take her shopping, she fills the trolley with ridiculous things and manages to embarrass me – once she jokingly shouted down a very busy aisle that I was running out of Vagisil!”

For us, love with no filter is being able to hold trust in someone, being able to laugh at one other, not take life too seriously and being able to go places and meet new people with a partner.