Vikki & Dan

When did you meet?
I sent my first message to Dan in October 2017 convinced it wouldn’t work. But 24 hours later he replied. Within 2 weeks we had our first date.
What aspect of their Match profile did you find most attractive or interesting?
I loved his picture.
Do you have any plans together as a couple (holidays, moving in, commitment…)
We are currently in Lake Windermere looking at our wedding venue. We get married in 2020
What are the little (or big) compromises you make in your relationship?
He makes me feel special every day.
What are the cute little things you do for each other on a daily basis?
He always puts me first. I get up with him at 6am for work to make him tea before he leaves.
What is the most crazy thing you have done for each other?
Got engaged.