Vikki and Ian

Vikki loved the first meal Ian cooked her…until she discovered he wasn’t the chef!

Vikki: “I was going to cancel my membership until I saw Ian – imagine if I’d done that! I thought Ian was an amazing chef to start with after the tasty first meal he cooked me, this was until I actually discovered it his mum who had created it! However, he will always pick up our dog’s poo when I don’t want to, and he’ll even warm up the toilet seat for me in winter.”

Ian: “We’ve been married ten years now and I just can’t imagine life without her. Our first date was a pub quiz which we completely failed at. I knew she was the one when I realised how much fun I’d had losing…I suppose i can forgive her the lack of basic geography!”

Love with no filter for us is being a team as a couple, having trust, being honest and having a great sense of humour.