What happened next: Matt & Donna

So Matt, how did the date go? Did you enjoy it?

“Yeah! Admittedly it was strange having a camera on us, with directors and make-up artists running in and out, but it was really nice to be honest. I think by half an hour in I’d forgotten that I was being filmed. It was a very enjoyable night!”

Did you speak to Donna before the date?

”We spoke on the phone a couple of times and got on very well, we had an instant rapport. We’ve got a very similar sense of humour which is also a good thing…quite dry and sarcastic. She had me laughing and we got on well on the phone. I was looking forward to meeting her.”

Were you nervous about meeting her?

“I wasn’t that nervous. The nerves I feel when I meet someone are mainly due to thoughts like ‘What happens if we don’t get on?’ because otherwise it’s just going to be painful, so at least that was taken away. I was texting her right up until the date.”
“Whilst we knew we were going to be part of the advert which added an extra dimension, it was quite a fun way of meeting up with someone and quite a good first date. We joked about whether match would pay for the wedding if got on really well…”

What did you talk about during the date?

“We talked about work and family and friends and all sorts really. And obviously we discussed a little bit about what was going on like the advert, filming etc, but it didn’t hold the conversation, we had other stuff to talk about because we have very similar personalities.”

So, the million dollar question: are you going to see Donna again?

“We’ve become good friends since filming the advert, and although I’m not sure we’re destined to be a big romance, we had great fun together. I’m really looking forward to going on more dates in the future.”