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    Match (550)
    Top relationship and dating advice from Match experts!
  • photo of Kate Taylor
    Kate Taylor (41)
    Kate is a regular expert for magazines and newspapers, was author of GQ's Sex Life column, and dedicated sex and relationships expert for The Sun. She has also written five books including; The…
  • photo of Sebastian
    Sebastian (22)
  • photo of Hayley Matthews
    Hayley Matthews (16)
    Hayley Matthews is editor-in-chief at, a popular site featuring advice from more than 250 dating coaches, matchmakers, and other relationship experts. In addition to expert tips and…
  • photo of Holly Wright
    Holly Wright (14)
    Music fan from London who loves Mexican food, sunny mornings and dating!
  • photo of Jacinta
    Jacinta (13) blogger
  • photo of Darren
    Darren (11)
    Darren Williams is the brains behind dating help and advice site He spends hours on dating sites so you don’t have to, and shares…
  • photo of Katy Horwood
    Katy Horwood (9)
    Katy Horwood is the founder of the award winning blog All Sweetness and Life.
  • photo of Sophie Louise
    Sophie Louise (9)
    Sophie – a reading and running junkie – enjoys being a sloth or a Speedy Gonzalez, depending on how the mood takes her. Photography, music, and living by the sea are turn-ons… cucumber,…
  • photo of Charlotte Buxton
    Charlotte Buxton (8)
    Charlotte is a communications manager, freelance journalist, copywriter and blogger who writes on relationships, confidence and much more! Find Charlotte at…
  • photo of Thuy
    Thuy (7)
    Our real blogger, Thuy from London, reveals all about her dating journey in the capital.
  • photo of Zara
    Zara (6) blogger
  • photo of Muriel
    Muriel (6)
    Muriel (that's Mu - ree - elle not Mew - ree - el) is a self-proclaimed French Yummy Mummy living London. She blogs at and is often featured in magazines and newspapers and asked…
  • photo of Abiola Abrams
    Abiola Abrams (6)
    Author of "The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love," Love-Body-Spirit (TM) Self-Esteem Coach, Love Columnist, Passionate Living Expert
  • photo of Laura Yates
    Laura Yates (6) blogger
  • photo of Josh Van Sant
    Josh Van Sant (5)
    Josh van Sant is the creator of The Modern Gay Guide to Life, the internet’s first premium gay lifestyle blog.
  • photo of Saskia Nelson
    Saskia Nelson (5)
    Saskia Nelson is the talent behind the award-winning and internationally acclaimed Hey Saturday, the UK’s coolest dating photography business,…
  • photo of Vicki Pavitt
    Vicki Pavitt (5)
  • photo of Joy Pedrow
    Joy Pedrow (5)
    Joy is a recent college grad who experienced Jesus's love and pursuit her first year of college and surrendered her life to him. She often blogs about Christian dating, contentment in singleness, and…
  • photo of Martin Lynch
    Martin Lynch (4)
    Martin is a 30-year-old professional from Kent who describes himself as "a very easy going and calm guy who likes to try and be positive as often as I can". An avid Arsenal supporter and a keen…
  • photo of Mariel
    Mariel (4)
    Mariel - copywriter extraordinaire - loves cats, music and spreading a little happiness wherever she goes. She has had her fair share of dating delights and dating disasters, but still loves the…
  • photo of Amanda
    Amanda (4) blogger
  • photo of Emma
    Emma (3)
    Emma lives and works in Leeds with her husband, Tim. She has a passion for encouraging those who are low in spirit and loves to hear stories of God’s perfect timing. Her favourite things include…
  • photo of Laura
    Laura (2) blogger
  • photo of Single Girl
    Single Girl (2) blogger
  • photo of Hannah Slapper
    Hannah Slapper (2)
    Hannah is the deputy editor of DRAFTED magazine and has written about relationships for The Guardian, Elle and The Debrief.
  • photo of Jessica Santosa
  • photo of Jyoti
    Jyoti (2) blogger
  • photo of Pete
    Pete (2)
  • photo of Lara Loveless
  • photo of Chloe Dickson
    Chloe Dickson (2)
    Wine writing has always been a big passion of Chloe's, but life took an exciting and dramatic turn in September 2013 when she won The Palate 2013, a UK nationwide blind wine tasting competition which…
  • photo of Jane Hoskyn
    Jane Hoskyn (2) blogger
  • photo of Rose
    Rose (2)
    Rose is a budding poet and writer who regularly performs at music and literary festivals. She wanted to sign up to to meet new people.
  • photo of Leigh
    Leigh (2) blogger
  • photo of Jamie
    Jamie (2) blogger
  • photo of Nina Patel
    Nina Patel (2)
    High St Fashion Designer, Asian Fashion Blogger at, and Newbie Fashion Writer (guest blogger for Vogue India too).
  • photo of Carrie Lloyd
  • photo of Iona Bain
    Iona Bain (1)
    Freelance financial journalist & writing about money for young people. Play 'cello/piano, write songs, model for Broadcasting Agency, proud Scot!
  • photo of Asma
    Asma (1)
  • photo of Megan Donnelly
    Megan Donnelly (1)
    Megan Donnelly is a brand consultant living in London who has always loved make-up and skincare so she decided to set up a blog to share her favourite products and tips - go have a look…
  • photo of Wyatt Fisher
    Wyatt Fisher (1)
    Dr. Wyatt Fisher is a licensed psychologist in Denver, CO and founder of PornBattle, the Colorado Marriage Refresh, Fisher Christian Counseling, and ChristianCrush.
  • photo of Kay
    Kay (1)
    Kay owns and runs beauty blog
  • photo of Tora
    Tora (1) blogger
  • photo of Matt
    Matt (1) blogger
  • photo of
  • photo of Soni
    Soni (1)
    I'm 30-years-old and work in the Digital Content field. I'd like to think I don't take things too seriously - life is too short. I enjoy meeting with friends and exploring London; as well as going on…
  • photo of Michael Valmont
    Michael Valmont (1)
    Michael Valmont is a London based, world leading dating coach. He has given 100’s of seminars and been featured across the board on some of the biggest publications and media outlets across radio,…
  • photo of The Godmother
    The Godmother (1) blogger
  • photo of Emily
    Emily (1)
  • photo of Nichi Hodgson