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With match.com, it’s easy to find your ideal date in York and it’s got even easier with our match.com events and singles nights. This is where you can meet other match singles in a fun but relaxed atmosphere. Members like to mingle without the pressure that first dates may bring.

By signing up to match.com, you’ll be the first to hear about our match.com nights and socials. The difference between the two are:

match.com nights take place in local bars where you can grab a drink and simply spend your time socialising with other like-minded singles. Our previous match.com nights took place at the The Biltmore and everyone had fun interacting and getting to know one another.

match.com socials are organised singles events based around niche activities designed to give you a new experience as you meet new like-minded singles. Previous match.com socials have been photography classes, pop-up painting classes, salsa lessons and even indoor skiing! You choose which events you’d like to attend and we’ll provide everything else!

From bowling to boat rides, there’s something for every match member. Just sign up to match.com today to be a part of our York singles events.