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How to stand out from the crowd at a match social

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by Match Relationship and dating advice from match.com
How to stand out from the crowd at a match social

We’ve put together five tips to make sure you put your best self forward at one of our exciting new match socials.

1. Wear something noticeable

Match socials offer a range of interesting and unusual activities, from cooking classes, cycle rides, and even luxury boat trips, so what you wear would vary depending on the type of social you are attending.

Colours however are important, as they have the potential to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Studies have shown that men are 58% more likely to ask a woman on a date if she’s wearing red, and women are apparently more attracted to men wearing blue as this denotes faithfulness.

Another idea is to wear something that invites conversation, like a dramatic piece of jewellery or some trendy shoes. This will make you stand out from the crowd and provide a great first talking point.

2. Walk Tall

A strong confident walk can increase attractiveness and approachability whereas slouching or walking with your eyes firmly fixed on the ground can give the impression that you’re shy or not open to conversation.

The simple trick of standing up tall with your shoulders back will make you appear taller and more confident, and by effect more approachable. Even if you feel shy, no-one else needs to know.

3. Talk to everyone

At a match social you already know that you share an interest with other singles at the event, so you already have one thing in common with everyone there. This is a great starting point and will provide you with a conversation starter for talking to everyone at the event, e.g. ‘Who inspired your love for cooking?’ or ‘What sparked your interest in photography?’

By making the effort to talk to as many people as possible, you will appear confident, popular and at ease, all of which are really attractive qualities and will draw people to you.

4. Be positive

Even if things aren’t going as you imagined at the social (perhaps your photographs are turning out fuzzy or you fall off your bike), it’s important to stay positive!

You’ll be surprised at how infectious an optimistic attitude can be. Also, research has shown that positive social interactions actually raise the levels of Oxytocin in women and Vasopressin in men. Both of these hormones aid the attraction process, so make the most of them.

5. Close the deal

At the end of a conversation with someone you fancy, remember to close the deal rather than letting them slip away.

Ask for their match.com username or their phone number, and send them a message the following day saying how much you enjoyed meeting them and that you’d like to see them again.

And forget the old three day rule, our recent Lovegiest Study showed that modern daters are half as patient, so you’ll only need to wait just over a day to get in touch. Keep your message light, friendly, and charming and you never know where it could take you…