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Bern and Jane

Bern and Jane

How long were you a member of Match before you met your partner?

Bern: I’d been on Match for six weeks and met Jane after three dates.
Jane: I had been on Match the year before but joined again for one month. During the one month I went on one other date before meeting Bern.

What first attracted you to your partner?

Bern: There was an instant attraction from the outset – from the photos alone I could see she was my kind of girl… and I guess I was right!
Jane: Bern had lovely eyes on his profile picture. His emails were friendly and he really took an interest in me. He also said that family was important to him which is the same for me too.

How did the first date go?

Bern: Was a rocky start as she was late to begin with but nothing a few cocktails couldn’t rectify. We then went for a good Thai meal and that concluded our first meeting.
Jane: Very well! We met for drinks in Fulham and ended up going for an amazing dinner in a Thai restaurant. I did think he’d done a runner at one stage, as when I came back from the toilet he wasn’t there, but he’d just gone to the toilet also! Phew!

What do you have planned for the future?

Bern: If all goes to according to plan, then marriage this year, kids next year and then plan the rest of our lives.
Jane: Well, we’re getting married in October so that’s the main focus for the time being.