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Darren and Liz

Darren and Liz
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Why did you decide to join Match?

Darren: I joined Match after seeing adverts for the site on television, and I really just went in with an open mind. With shift work often falling at weekends, I was limited in my opportunities to go out with friends and meet new people. I saw online dating as a growing industry, and I thought that there must be some success stories coming out of it! And I was right, as I met Liz just a month later! I must say I’d tried some free dating sites but had no success there, so I subscribed to Match, and I’m very glad that I did.

Darren and Liz

How did the first date go?

Darren: So I’d been on three other dates prior to meeting Liz and had enjoyed these, as they were with like-minded people, but Liz was the first person I really clicked with. We had our date on 17th June, after speaking online for around a month. I was stunned by Liz when I first saw her. She’s gorgeous, and looked just like a movie star that day as she entered the room. Although her Match pictures were fantastic, they did not do her justice! I was particularly impressed by her laid-back nature. She was dressed smartly and looked perfect, but when she fell over on the date she got straight back up, dusted herself off and laughed! I really admired that.

When did you meet up again after that?

Darren: We communicated more by phone and text after the date, and realised that we had more in common with each other all the time. Unfortunately my work commitments meant it was another few weeks before we were able to meet again, and planning dates became difficult. However we enjoyed each other’s company so much and persevered. After our fifth date we both left the site, although we both admit that we’d stopped checking messages after only a couple of dates.

Darren and Liz

We hear that you’ve already jetted off around the world together, is that right?

Darren: Yes! After a holiday to Las Vegas we decided we wanted to see more of the world…so we did! We’d been stuck in an airport in Houston catching a connecting flight and couldn’t get out and explore Houston even though we both wanted to. We talked about it, and made the incredibly rash decision that we would both pack in our jobs and head off exploring the world. Liz took her redundancy at her job, and I handed in my notice. We headed off to Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US.

What makes you such a great couple?

Darren: She makes me laugh until it hurts. We share the same interests and she has no fear. We bounce off of each other – we pick each other up when we’re down, and encourage each other in everything that we do.

What’s your secret to a lasting relationship?

Darren: Understanding what is important to the other person, even if it’s not a shared interest. I’ll happily endure some Geordie Shore in the name of love!

What do you have planned for the future?

Darren: Well we have a passion for travel but have already seen the world together! Our dreams are to get married and emigrate to Canada or Australia.

darren and liz

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