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Jamie and Ruth

Jamie and Ruth
OccupationMarketing Executive

When did you join Match, and what compelled you to join?

Ruth: I’d been enjoying singledom after some serious relationships, but decided the time was right to start dating again. I joined Match in January, out of curiosity after seeing adverts on television, to see if I could meet a like-minded person. I admit that it was hard to meet new people in Edinburgh with all the familiar faces. I was also a little cagey about discussing online dating with my colleagues initially, but my close friends were completely open to it.

How long did it take you to find Jamie?

Ruth: Not long at all! He actually found me, and was the first person to message me on the site. We went on what was both our first Match date, which went so well that we didn’t need to meet anyone else!

What first attracted you to your partner?

Ruth: After Jamie messaged me, I was drawn to his sense of humour. His profile was interesting and I discovered that we have a lot of shared interests. His great photo helped too!

How did the first date go?

Ruth: We met up in person after exchanging a few messages. What really helped was that we were both very informal and realistic about our expectations, which took the pressure off of meeting for the first time. I’ll never forget the first date with Jamie – he took me for a drink in Edinburgh before going to a vegetarian restaurant called Black Bo’s. Jamie was pretty nervous – I noticed his hand shaking as he brought me a drink! I was delighted that he looked just like he did in his profile picture. The evening went really well and we didn’t want the date to end. Jamie made sure that our second date was equally as impressive. He took me to see Casablanca on Valentine’s Day and surprised me with a bunch of flowers. These were such lovely gestures, as I’d never previously started a relationship with ‘proper’ dates!

How did your relationship progress?

Ruth: After deleting our Match accounts we quickly got to know each other, which was quite easy as we only lived 20 miles apart. We were both very happy and knew we had a future together, so we moved in with each other after 15 months of dating. Five months later our lovely cat Mia joined the family, after we rescued her from a home.

Where did you get married?

Ruth: After four years of dating, we got married at the picturesque ‘Lady’s Tower’ in Elie, Scotland. It was an outdoor, humanist ceremony, and luckily the Scottish sun shone and all went according to plan! We then jetted off to Bali for our honeymoon.

What do you have planned for the future?

Ruth: We’re going to carry on enjoying married life and living in Edinburgh, with a view to moving to the East Neuk region of Fife, where we married. We’re also looking forward to starting a family one day.

Would you recommend Match to a friend?

Ruth: I would definitely. I have done to my friends, although not all of them are as ridiculously lucky as me to find the love of their life on the first date! As you’re having some fun, you can’t go wrong. To be honest, I can’t remember disliking anything about the site.